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Thread: Kids these days..

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    Kids these days.. I was laying here..peacefully..I heard crashing noises I look out the window to see these kids pushing this shopping cart into things (smashing i should say) everything they came to on the side way they litterally attacked..I felt bad for the little tree they kept bending back and forth..I said "Aw, poor tree...what did it ever do to you?' to myself lol..anyway, they knocked over a sign, tried to pull off one of those speed limit signs, attacked how many little trees, other thingies I don't know what they were..this big truck..etc etc etc..everything they came grow up..they looked to be 17..atleast 16..+

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    the police fix punks like them.

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    It is sad and disturbing that people (of any age, but especially the young) have no respect for other's property, for nature or even for themselves. I am often caught in utter disbelief at the senseless things that go on around me in the name of "FUN"???!!!??? They have nothing better to do than break car windows, pull up flowers or other plants, play music so loud that windows rattle from the sound (and it is coming from the other end of the block) and numerous other downright nasty things. I fear for this planet's future and I don't mean the enriroment, I mean the population.

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    Tell me about it.I can't beleive them!That poor tree. How could someone do that.I bet they stole the cart too!

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    I agree Jen. It's crazy. My mom says some kids did something to a truck the other day..I assume its the same. It's sickening though.

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    I know this all too well! Except for me, it was back in May and it was my husbands truck that got damage from the little brats. Don't get me wrong, I love kids but it really upsets me that some kids have no respect for others! The truck was parked on the street at a friends house minding it's own business and when we got home from Pizza Hut a cop was sitting behind it. We didn't believe there was damage that night because we were led to believe the damage would be on the side of the back bumper so we never saw it with the cops flashlight. The next day I noticed a dent on the bumper on either side of the license plate. It made me so mad because it was too late to go after the kid to make them pay for it so we're now stuck with dents in our bumper. I know they're not bad, but still, we paid good money and try to take care of the thing only to have somebody else's kid ruin it for us. It's just the facts of the matter that really upset me!

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    Freakin brats! We live behind a shopping center and up the street from the highschool. We always have punk kids back there either smoking, fighting, or doing burnouts in their car. I keep telling my husband that I am going to invest in a paintball gun. I don't want to make enemies with them since they know where I live, so I have a different approach. I poke my head over the fence and go "Dude, I just want to give you a heads up. My neighbor called the cops on you guys. She's pissed and on a rampage. I'd split and never come back." It always works. hehe.

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    Slleipnir, I have a funny story for you. When I was a kid, we had these huge elaborate lawn Christmas decorations. My mom had made them all by hand and spent hours every year fixing up our yard. We had like the best yard in town. Well, every year, all winter long, punk kids would knock them down and run. They would often break the decorations and my mom would spend hours repairing them. Well, my mom finally snapped. She forced my dad to get in the car and drive till they found the kids. My dad had no idea what she was going to do. My mom jumped out of the car, jumped on this 16 year old kid's chest and started slapping the heck out of him. My dad had to pull her off of him. He thought she was just looking for them to talk to them, but she went looney. lmao.

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    Originally posted by Tonya
    "Dude, I just want to give you a heads up. My neighbor called the cops on you guys. She's pissed and on a rampage. I'd split and never come back." It always works. hehe.


    a few years back we had some teen/early 20- something neighbors......

    one of the 'kids' had a pellet gun and would shoot the thing off--- PFFT, click, click, click, PFFT---every day until........CRASH (insert breaking glass sound here)

    I was watching thru a crack in the fence, so I yelled out, "HEY, WHAT THE ----" and jumped up on a chair looking over in the direction of where the guy was sitting......i asked his friends about what was going on... They didn't know ANYTHING so i got off the chair and took the box that i had broken the glass bottle into over to the trashcan.

    Not long after that they were evicted by the land lord and before they left one of the 'kids' came over and gave my brother 20 dollars to fix the window he had 'broke'.....
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    omg, some kids can be SO immature They should learn to act their age and grow up
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