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Thread: would you adopt me?? pic!!

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    would you adopt me?? pic!!

    PIPER is a very handsome boy with a generous coat. He is about 75 lbs. He is friendly and good natured, he will lean right into you for attention. Piper has great eye contact and takes treats from you very gently. Piper pretends he know no commands but suddenly knows how to sit on dime if you have a treat Piper is great dog who will make a wonderful pet if he is given the unconditional love he deserves. PIPER lives at the NELSON spca branch, he wants a home soo badly . ADOPT HIM!!!


    Teabo is a 10 month old male. His Mum is a Bernese Mountain dog/Malamute cross and his Dad is unknown, possibly a Mastiff or Staffordshire Terrier. Teabo is very friendly with children and adults of all ages, he lived with a baby and a todler and was good with them both. He also lived with cats and dogs and is good with them both also. He has lived all his life so far as an outdoor dog and has never been inside the house, so if he were to be an indoor dog he would probably need some houstraining. He is so gentle and loving and very submissive and would love to be part of your family. TEABO needs a home too, I would adopt him but my parents suck


    18 months old (approx.), neutered male, all vaccine current, possible Lab/Ridgeback/Rotty type X, Very good with other dogs, and children (as you can see by the photo). I was found 6 months ago in Crawford Bay and the people who found me have been looking after me. I am very playful and I really like young kids, I am patient and have never lost my temper with them. I know allot of commands and am good at playing fetch, I am good inside and am equally content when I have to spend some time outdoors. I am a good family dog who is quiet, however I will give you warning barks when strange people come around the house. I need to have fenced yard as I am independent and will wander to visit. I should probably be in a cat free environment as I am very interested in them, a little too interested. Basically I am an affectionate good natured dog who would make someone or a family very happy. My name is RUFUS and I want a forever home. Please call 250 227-9656 Alison. RUFUS would be a great family dog!!!
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    I would adopt them all, if I could. They are all so precious. It breaks my heart, every time I read of another deserving dog that needs a home Rufus, Piper, Teabo, I'll be saying a special prayer that you all find the loving homes you deserve.

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