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Thread: Time to get serious!

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    Time to get serious!

    Well, it's time to get serious with my rescue efforts. Although I love each and every cat / kitten that is currently in my shelter, I must make a more visible effort to place them. If these cats are not placed, then I cannot take in any's as simple as that!

    Here is the link to my new rescue website ......

    I decided not to have a lengthy application on my website (had one, then changed it) in order to not scare potential adopters away. I did this after having talked to a dear friend of mine, whom I know is a wonderfully responsible pet owner. She currently is living in a rental home, due to a divorce, and would love to rescue an adult miniature schnauzer as a playmate for her other dog. However, she is intimidated by all of the many questions on most applications ...... which I see as a real shame for those who would ordinarily adopt without this hassle! Sooooo, whether or not any of you here agree, I have decided to forego the strict application process. Instead, I have left a blank form for the applicant to express in their own words WHY they want a cat / kitten and HOW they plan to care for it! I believe that I will be able to make a pretty good judgment call by what they submit, along with further questions I will ask, once they have contacted me. I see no need to scare them off before they even inquire!

    Hope you will spread the word about my little rescue in Middle Tennessee!!
    Kim Loves Cats and Doggies Too!

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    I think that sounds like a great idea, Kim! It's true that you can't scare them off right away. I'm trying to sell my motorcyle, and I know this is vastly different than trying to get someone to adopt a cat, but what Terry always say is "First of all you have to get them to call. Then once they come and look at the bike, it's gone." It's the same with kitties. First of all they have to inquire. Once you know they are interested, then you can do a more thorough interigation to make sure they're suitable.

    I thought you had decided to keep all those you have and not take in anymore, but I can understand your change of thinking because there are so many out there that need help, and you're one of the best kitty mommies I know and could do a world of good for a lot of kitties.

    Oh, and I want to add that by doing it this way, you're setting yourself up for a lot more phone calls and a lot more work because you'll have to do some of the investigation work that normally scared them off, but in the end, if that results in more adoptions, it will be worth it. (as an example, I have to weed out all the idiots that they can get my bike for less than $10,000.00 when I'm asking $13,900.00 for it. But at least they called, and if they would show up they would see the bike is worth every penny of that, and would immediately forget about their $10,000.00 limit.)
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    Oh, THANK YOU KIM!!!

    I didn't adopt the kitten I found on because I was so annoyed by the extreme measures the adoption agency insisted upon. They wanted to interview my husband separately, visit my home, and talk to my landlords. They also wanted references, which I guess is fine, but they wanted so many other things. It would take three weeks before I would have gotten the kitten!!!

    I think that it's best to ease people into the application process rather than treat everyone as criminals from the get go.

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    Thank you for the encouragement and words of support!!!
    Kim Loves Cats and Doggies Too!

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    The application that the animal shelter I volunteer with is 3 pages long. It asks questions like "What would you do if your cat started peeing outside the litterbox" and "what would you do if your cat started scratching up your furnitire". It also asks for the name and phone number of your vet, landlord and friend references. As long as you check the veterinarian and personal references, I don't see a problem.

    What you are doing is a wonderful thing. I have such high esteem for your perserverance and willingness to go the long haul for these babies.

    You're my hero, chick!!!!


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