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Thread: True Life: I'm Obsessed with My Dog

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    True Life: I'm Obsessed with My Dog

    For those of you who don't know, there's a show on MTV called True Life. They did an episode on people who are obsessed with their dogs. It was hiliarious. But what was even more funny is I didn't even think they were overly obsessed and I'm much worse!

    Anyone see it?

    I was a bit disturbed at the poor poodle who kept getting dyed pink though. Poor thing didn't like it.
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    Some kids in my ceramics class were talking aobut the show. I hadn't seen it since I don't watch tv much.

    They were saying that the thought the people were too obsessed, and it was crazy.

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    I haven't seen it. I can't stand mtv. I'm sure if they did an episode on pettalkers, they'd see how truly obsessed some can be.

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    I saw it! And I ,too, felt bad for the pink poodle! But at least in the end it got a friend! ( they were both SO CUTE!!) I liked the guy who hung out with his dog while his girlfriend was visiting from out of the country! lol A true dog man! (just the kind I like!lol)

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    I've never seen the show since we don't have cable. Sounds interesting.

    I know they did a 'People who are obsessed with Buffy' episode once. A girl at a another board I frequent was interviewed on it. She has a tattoo identical to Eliza Dushku, that were rapt with that. Kept bringing to interview back to it.

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    Well, my husband made me watch it last Sunday, I think he's trying to tell me he thinks I am obsessed with our dogs.

    The first story was about this guy who had an American Bulldog. The girl was a student from South Africa. Most times if they were all in the car, he'd make his girlfriend ride in the backseat. He also let the dog lick him while he would let his mouth hang wide open, so the dog was licking the guy's tongue. He also got a very realistic tattoo of his dog. His girlfriend was extremely jealous of the whole thing and they would fight a lot over it.

    The second one was a model in NY. She would bring her teacup poodle everywhere. Sometimes, she even did photo shoots with the dog included. She would dye the dog pink and spend $500 a month on her I think. She finally ended up getting a second teacup poodle so she could leave them together more and do more work without feeling guilty. The only thing I disagreed with was that she fed them human restaraunt food all the time. I know some people feed their dogs human food as treats (I do sometimes) or the raw foods diet, but this was like greasy friend chicken and whatnot. I used to work with a girl who's poodle almost died from pancreatitis because she only fed it leftover restaraunt food.

    The third one was really annoying. This young married couple had a pug. He was not fixed, so he was humping everything in sight, even while they were filming. The couple was obsessed with finding the pug a girlfriend so he could do the real thing. Their vet said on camera that he thought the pug should be neutered, but they refused to do it. It's like they didn't even really care if the female got pregnant, they just wanted their boy to have fun. Luckily, at least while the show was being filmed, they didn't find any females that weren't spayed and one breeder I think got the feeling that they weren't serious, so she made up something about their pug being too big to breed with hers. Stinking backyard breeder kids.

    All in all, I found it interesting, but it just makes me think that I am so not as obsessed with my dogs.

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    I saw that show.

    I think the Pug's owners are like all those other idiot people "I want a puppy just like him." I'm glad that breeder said no but I think if a male is bigger then the female it can cause probelms.
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