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    Sorry, Rottie, for beating you to the punch! Carl! Carl! Look! A new buddy!
    Rain, I swear I gasped when your photo came up on my screen. Geez, you are SO handsome! What a great dog you are! Friendly, happy, protective, all the elements that make Rotties fantastic!!! Have some extra donuts today!

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    Rain, how handsome you are! And I know your family appreciates your guarding their bed for them! Congratulations, donut loving, Rain, on being the Dog of the Day!

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    Oh, Rain, how handsome you are. You got my tears flowing. I lost my Rotty in January. You have all the fine qualities of a Rotty. Your owners must be so proud of you. I know I would be. Congratulations on being Dog of the Day. I hope you get extra treats today.
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    Rain, you take my breath away! What a stunning boy! I love your name!! But today, you brought some welcome sunshine to my day I'm not at all surprised to learn that you are one sweet, loving Rottie! Congratulations to you Rain, Dog of the Day! What a lucky family to have such a devoted and loyal companion such as Rain! I send you a whole bunch of big hugs and kisses on your special day

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    What a handsome boy you are Rain! I would give you donuts or whatever else you wanted just for being so handsome! Congratulations on being our special Dog of the Day

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    Rain A beautiful name for a beautiful boy A fine dog to represent Ontario Canada Congratulations Big Buddy !!!!
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    Rain - what a super name for such a super
    looking Rottie - I love your breed and I
    swear I wouldn't even think, by looking into
    those beautiful eyes of stealing your bed.
    God Bless - lots of kibble and bits!!!!!!

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    Rain, what a handsome boy you are. I think Rottweilers are like big teddy bears. We had a Rottie a long time ago and her name was Kate. Congradulations to the sweetest, most handsome, bed protecting, best friend Dog of the Day.

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    WOW !!!You are a beautiful,happy looking boy
    So very glad to meet you; and offer you my congratulations for being honored as today's
    DOG OF THE DAY !!!!I wish you many,many more
    happy years with your loving family..
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    Rain, you are an amazingly handsome dog. Congratulations on becoming Dog of the Day.

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    i just had to add that i too think Rain is a very beautiful Rott.

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