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    Frostbite victim in heat wave
    Tuesday, August 12, 2003 Posted: 7:19 AM EDT (1119 GMT)

    LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Britain's heat wave, which has claimed dozens of sunburn and heat exhaustion victims, has now produced its first case of frostbite.

    A motorist was diagnosed with the condition after driving with his toes too close to the air conditioning vent on the 250 mile (400 kilometer) journey from London to Manchester.

    One of his toes started to turn black and another went blue.

    "It was incredibly hot," Mike Ball, 46, told the Guardian newspaper. "I slipped off my shoe and sock because my car is an automatic and I don't need to use my left foot.

    "I didn't realize anything was wrong until the next day when my foot was extremely painful."

    Ball went to his doctor and was prescribed a cure for mild frostbite. He is expected to make a full recovery.

    the most amazing thing is he drove the whole way without stopping to go to the BR!!!!!
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    Are you trying to punk my abuelita?

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    Jamaica!!, I can't back that up
    What a weird

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