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Thread: Chasing up old schoolfriends

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    Chasing up old schoolfriends

    Have you checked out your country's version of

    Ours is and I joined last year. Quite a lot of people from my primary and secondary schools had entered details so it was a lot of fun sussing out everybody and what they were doing

    I had a huge crush on a boy in secondary school but he ended up going out with another girl (oh, 14 year old 'love' ) Anyway, he is now married with three kids I checked back in today and had a message from a girl from my primary school - she is organising a reunion later this year, but ... she's the one who married this boy I was mad about! They're about 33-34 years old and now must have been together for more than half their lives!

    I either need to get married or find another unmarried female to take to this reunion - so we can be Romy and Michelle's high school reunion
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    Just HOW DO YOU solve a problem like Maria?
    hehehe Romy and Michelle's high school reunion...of course you do realize that if you are able to find another unmarried single friend to go to the reunion with you will have to think of an intricate lie about creating something (not post it's that's already been taken ) and then hope that the boy who had a crush on you when you were younger but wouldn't give the time of day to has somehow made millions and comes to the reunion to sweep you off your feet. Of course the sweeping off the feet comes after you, your friend and unnamed guy do an interpretive dance to "Time after time"

    sorry had to ramble about that one.
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    LOL!!! I am allergic to children (even his), so that scenario of yours won't be happening
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