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Thread: Your Pet Talk "Dateline" watcher...again

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    Your Pet Talk "Dateline" watcher...again

    Did any of you see the Dateline on the lost dog scam involving a dog named Sasha tonight?

    A couple lost their dog named Sasha and offered a $1000 reward to get her back. I'm sure we have all heard of scams where people call to collect the money and lead the owners to believe they found their pet just so they can get the money. Well, someone did it to this couple. They lost $350 of their $1000 offered and never got their dog back.

    First of all, I hope and pray that none of you lose your pets, but if it happens, I hope none of you get caught up in a scam like this... Please be careful and unfortunately, you have to be suspicious of anyone who calls claiming they have your pet. Unless they show up at your door with your pet, QUESTION EVERYTHING! Losing a pet can be traumatic and make our judgement clouded. So, as usual, the dishonest people have ruined it for the truthful ones and we have to be suspicious of them.

    By the way, this couple's dogs were so adoreable. Sasha was a gorgeous GSD mix with erect but floppy ears and one blue eye and one brown eye!

    Just wanted to pass this note along.

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    That is sick! To hit a family when they're down... it's so wrong. People like that scammer disgust me. Talk about cold-hearted! I can only pray that Sasha is returned to her family safe, sound, and soon!

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    Ohh... poor Sasha's mommy! Those people are so sick. Just for money, that couple had their heart broken. On top of it they lost $350. That heartless conman ought to be shot. I am but at the same time.
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    Angel, I don't think they lost the $350, because when they wired the money they stipulated that the person picking it up would have to show an ID. The person called back and asked them to change that to a "no ID" because he claimed to have "lost his wallet". The people refused to change that stipulation and they never heard from him again. Other victims however weren't as careful and did lose money in these scams.

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    I saw part of it, highlighted on the Today Show Rachel. I was hoping to hear at the end that somehow Sasha was found or returned. The scam part was bad enough. Knowing their parents are still without Sasha made it doubly sad. What monsters these predators are!

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    A similiar thing happened to us. We had a Pure Bred Boxer named Duke, we used to put him on a very long type leash in our side yard (this was many years ago)We have about a three foot chain link fence around it, but it borders the street. One day we came home and the leash was lying next to the fence and no Duke ( he was our son's dog) We were devestated, we put ads in the paper, checked the animal shelters, etc. One day we got a phone call, my Dad answered the phone, and the man said he had our dog and for a price we could have him back. My Dad not knowing what to say, said could he call back when we were home, and the man never called again and we never saw Duke again.
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    Oh, Jackie I am so sorry to hear that you went through such an awful experience. I can't even imagine how hard that was for you. My husband is afraid that something like that could happen to us, as you can see a portion of our fenced back yard from the front of the house. Our dogs don't stay out by themselves for very long, but unfortunately these things can happen in an instant, when that is someone's intention.

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    Hey Rachel, I wasn't sure about the money either because of the whole I.D thing but I assumed they didn't get it back. Do you remember if they said for sure?

    Either way, $350 or no $350, it stinks because they still don't have Sasha.


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