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    Nova's Story

    My Home

    Left to fend for my own I didn’t know how I would ever make it. These past couple weeks have been hard. I haven’t found enough food to feed myself. I wish someone would save me. Finally my hero comes on Sunday. She has a long pole with a rope on the end. She loads me into the back of the truck and takes me for a drive. O how nice it feels to be warm once again. She brings me into a place that smells of thousands of dogs. Dogs who were scared and dogs who were over joyed with happiness. I get checked out by someone in a white coat who says I’m healthy, I‘m just happy to have her petting me. I like her touch it’s warm. As my Hero places me in the cage I lick her hand to tell her thank you, she says “ We‘ll call you Bridgett“. I like the thought of having a name. I curl up into a ball on the blanket they have given me and fall asleep. The next day me and the puppies across from me begin to chat. They have said that 3 of them have already been adopted out and that they are the only two left. I am also told that I am to act playful and anxious to see people when they come. I don’t understand this game, but I play along.

    In enters a young girl. I wag my tail and bark as loud as I can me o please me! I will play dress up with you and your dollies, I will lick your tears from your eyes when you’ve fallen down and scrapped yourself. I once had a little girl I tell her I took wonderful care of her, me o please pick me. She walks up to my cage and glances at me. My whole body trembles in anticipation, o please pet me, let me lick your hand I say. But she doesn’t hear as she turns around and sees the puppies across from me and squeals as one of them jumps up and licks her hand, this one mommy, I want this one she screams! I don’t understand why she didn’t pick me? What’s wrong with me? I would have given anything to be a puppy. Not to long after she leaves a man walks in. Says he’s looking for a dog for his wife. He walks slowly through all the cages till he comes to mine. He looks at me and says “No, I don’t want a yellow dog, everyone has yellow dogs”. I am saddened by this, I would have given anything to not be yellow. The next day a new litter of puppies comes in, there are 3 this time. When the next person comes in I bark loudly to get her attention. I show her how wonderful I am at wagging my tail when she comes to see me. She takes a look at me and continues walking. She then comes by again and I bark loudly at her and make a playful growl. She says she doesn’t want a dog who growls or barks. I would have given anything to change my behavior, but this is what I was told to do. Four more people come in over the week, each one having an excuses not to adopt me, “I don’t want a dog with a wrinkly forehead” “ I don’t want one with a tail that sits on it’s back” “I don’t want one who drools”

    I have been here for a week now and still no one has come for me. It is Friday and almost closing time. A girl who was in here yesterday walks in and looks at the dog 3 cages from me. She says “Hi Onyx, I missed you!” I would have given anything to of had her say “Hi Bridgett, I missed you”. But she’s not here for me, she’s here for Onyx. She looks like a younger four legger, probably in her teens. She begins taking pictures of Onyx. I whine and say “Why doesn’t someone take pictures of me?” She then continues walking down the line of cages, one more cage and she is to mine. My heart begins to beat faster, I want her to pet me, I want her to take me home. She stops at the cage across from me and tells the puppies how cute they are. She then turns to me and Gasp and stares at me. I don’t understand? Why did she gasp? Why is she stareing at me that way? Is it that I’m yellow? Am I to loud? Is it that I’m not a puppy? Is it cause my tail flips up? Is it cause of my wrinkles on my forehead? Is it cause I drool? Why doesn’t she like me? Why did she gasp? She then says to the man walking up to my cage, Dad, She’s perfect! I want to take her outside and let her run. Another man comes up and brings a leash with him. Did I hear her right? Did she say I was perfect? It couldn’t have been, she must be mistaking me for another dog. I’m brought outside into a yard they use for people to play with the dogs. She bends down and says “Hi Bridgett, I’m your new mom”

    I’m loaded into a van, I don’t understand. Where am I going? She can’t possibly want ME. She glances back at me and giggles. What is she laughing at? I’m nervous about where we are going. I begin pacing back and forth on the seat. She tells me to calm down. I’ve heard of this, I know what’s happening. There taking me to be put to sleep. I being getting frantic. No I don’t wanna go, please! They stop somewhere she says “Dad are you sure she’ll be ok?” he looks at her and says “Yes” They got Chicken while they were gone. I can smell it. She ripped off some meat off of the bones and passed it back to me I bite her hand I was so anxious to get it. She yelled “Owe” and gave me stern look. She keeps telling me “Bridgett in the back” and pushing me back. I just want some bones. I finally get up to where the bones are and swallow 3 of them whole before she grabs me and pulls me to the back. She’s mad, I can tell. There is something weird about her voice. She has some thing in her hand. She raises it to her head and begins talking. She’s probably calling the Shelter and telling them I’m coming back. She glances back at me and I see tears in her eyes. It’s not anger in her voice, it’s worry. She is worried I’m sick. I whine to tell her I’m ok but she doesn’t believe me. She hugs me and tells me never to do anything like that again, and I wont.

    We arrive home and I jump on the couch. The man laughs and says, “We’ll that’s definitely hers ”. They sit down to eat some dinner. They place some food on the counter and I jump up on the counter and take some. The man is mad. He is yelling at me. I’m waiting for him to hit me. I’m prepared. He moves his hand towards me and I close my eyes. He grabs my coller gently instead and says “Come on, I think you need to go outside”

    It’s now been 6 months since I’ve been here. I no longer jump on the counters or pace in the van. I get to go everywhere with MY girl. I love being able to say MY girl and often say it late at night just to hear it. She loves me just as much as I love her. We often have adventures in the back yard, pretending we are in a dog show and I’ve just one first place for being the prettiest dog or that we are free and roaming the fields in search for food. She is a wonderful 2 leggier. She has changed my name to Nova and calls me her baby often. I lick her hands and face a lot and she loves it. Late at night when there are things in the closet it’s me she calls for to check them out. Me, not a puppy, not a brown dog, not a dog with a un-wrinkly forehead, not a dog with a straight tail, not a dog who can’t bark or growl, me, her defender and best friend. Tonight we sit in the living room. As she lays on the couch watching T.V. I sit down beside her and she looks me in the eyes. She says “Hi Nova, I missed you.” And it is now that I know, that I am home.

    Written By: Ashley
    In the Words of her rescued Dog Nova, who will forever be perfect in my eyes

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    All right, where are the tissues? That was a lovely story.
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    Ashley, that may be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. I’m at work crying like a little girl. Nova is such a beautiful girl and I know you are both so happy everyday that she wasn’t brown, or a puppy, or a straight tail, or an unwrinkled forehead. I’m so glad that she’s your girl!

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    Sniff, sniff...Oh, that's beautiful Ashley; simply beautiful...just like your girl, your baby, your Nova

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    Great story Ashley and the best part is that it is true, not fiction!!!

    Congratulations, Nova for finding a great new mom.

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    Thanx everyone. I cried the whole time while I wrote it ::dabs eyes again::

    Thanx for all the nice complitments, I really enjoy having my baby girl around.

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    What a beautiful story. That sure brought me tears.

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    Thanks Ash, I am crying like a baby. That is exactly how I'll bet ALL pets in a shelter feel. I wish they could all find a home like yours.

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    *reaches for the tissues* that was beautiful.

    nova is such a lucky dog to have found you
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    That was awsome........
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    thats sooooo sad!! oh gosh im gonna take all the pups from the shelter.. that way they cant think i dont like them!! thats too sad and cute and beautiful!! goo job!

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    **Grabs a tissue**

    That was absolutly beautiful. **Sniffle**
    Nova is so lucky to have found somebody like you..What a great girl you are, Ash.

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