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Thread: Tortellini with olive oil?

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    Tortellini with olive oil?

    I've recently read in a magazine that olive oil is not only a healthy addition to human food, but also highly recommened for cat food...

    Has anyone ever tried to add olive oil at a regular basis to their cats diet?!

    I really wondered wether it is really healthy to give it to a cat daily...I am thinking of digestive the article were no recommendations about how much to give them and how often...
    Any experiences here?

    Someone who's adding olive oil to their "Tortellini cats" ' food???

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    I'm sure it would be really good for cats in moderation. I know omega-3 oils help inflammation.
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    I have no idea about cat dosage of olive oil, however my vet recommended flax oil for Mitzi's fur (dry, dandruff). Just a human-sized capsule squeezed over the food on a daily basis. I haven't done this as the food I give her (Pet Gold Light Hairball) has the proper cat-sized dose of flax oil in it. It's taken a couple of months of being on this food, but now her fur is GORGEOUS! Plush, thick, shiny and soft - my little fur ball/purr-ball. I love my itsy bitsy Mitzi meatball!

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