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    This is Ricky...

    ...unfortunately he doesn't live with us

    As Nellie isn't good with other cats ( and all cats were relieved when she left the shelter...sigh!) we accepted this and tried to find other ways to help cats in day I've found a wonderful website of a cat shelter in Frankfurt and it didn't take long until we became members...I used to sew blankets for the cats and collect old blankets from friends and family to send to them...this year's vacations we visited the shelter and on that occasion we've met he's our sponsor cat, that means we donate a certain amount for him each month (unfortunately Frankfurt is quite far away, so we can't visit him often)...Ricky is one of the unadoptables...he's at the shelter for three years now, he's a cat with an attitude, he doesn't like to be picked up, he scratches and nips without any over the years no one showed interest for him
    I was really tempted to take him ( and so many of the other cats there) home, but I had to collect all my senses...
    I still hope he will find a good home...

    Please take a look at him and enclose him in your prayers for finding a suitable home!!!
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