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Thread: Animal Planet!

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    Animal Planet!

    We finally got Animal Planet We had it for a while when we first got digital cable, but you have to pay extra so we didn't end up having it..till recently they had a really good deal. I'm so happy, I missed so many shows I wanted to see lol I was watching Pet Star tonight..pretty talented animals there! Whats is your fav program AP plays?

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    Yay! . Animal Planet is my FAVORITE station! My favorite show is Emergency Vets, but I also like Breed all about it, Animal Cops, Animal Precinct, and Pet Story.
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    Pet Cops

    Well, I don't know if that's the right title, but the one about animal protection cops. I love it - not the awful things people do to animals, but the wonderful people who work to protect those animals. And I love the success stories - the animals that recover and get new and wonderful lives.
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    I did not even know we had it until I was flipping channels one day.I love it!!!Its my favorite channel.and now its my friends to!I like Emergency Vets,thats my baby,breed all about it,love the dog shows,pet star,animal cops, Animal Precinct,and pet story.
    I watch it everyday and i'm watching it right now!!

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    Animal cops looks really good..I'd like to watch it sometime lol

    My babies: Josie, Zeke, Kiba, Shadow (AKA Butter)

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    i love animal planet! im always watching it! lol before i had cami i would watch it every single day all day pretty much to find a good breed for me! so my faves are: Breed all about it, Emergency vets, thats my baby, Pet story, Animal precient (sp) and so many more..

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    I love "That's My Baby"!

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    Originally posted by Kfamr
    I love "That's My Baby"!

    although i think AP needs a bird show.

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    I LOVE Animal Planet!!!!! It's my fav channel. I love That's my Baby, Pet Story, Breed All About It, the animal precient/cops, and SOOOO many more! I seriously couldn't live with out it
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    I like pet star (except for the frisby ones, old news, wow a dog can catch something), animal cops (I've seen it twice & couldn't believe my eyes!!), big cat diary, breed all about it, pet story, animal miricals, & soo many more. Rob's parents know how much I was watching it when we had all the special channels for 3 months, so they bought it just for me

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    I like Pet Star, Breed All About It, Pet Story and That's My Baby. I'll also watch Petsburgh,USA every so often. I hate when they play Planet's Funniest Animals. The clips may be funny but the host gets me nervous, I don't watch it because of him. Lol

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