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Thread: Can a Hawk pick up a 6lb dog?

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    Can a Hawk pick up a 6lb dog?

    We suddenly have alot of Hawks in the area. They are big, but don't look quite full grown yet. They've came down to get a closer look at Teddy, my 6 lb Pomeranian a few times, but then flew off. Well, today, one swooped down on him. He was certainly going for him. I yelled and clapped my hands just before his claws hit Ted's back. Can a hawk get Ted?!

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    Yes. Be very careful, do not leave him out unattended.

    Okay, really, it depends on the size of the hawk, but as you cannot really measure them and inquire as to their individual strengths, I would be on the safe side and assume they could get him. Even if a hawk could not actually carry him off, the could do serious damage, with both claws and beak, if one managed to get hold of him.

    Not a chance I would take.

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    He is always with the big dogs (with me checking outside through the window), or with myself outside...but often off leash. I think you are right, Karen. It isn't worth taking a chance. That was quite the adrenaline rush this morning! I don't need coffee today!

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    I live in an area filled with hawks. Primarily they stick to the marsh and bog areas. But, the other day, while sitting in my yard, I noticed a red tailed hawk circling way above. Minutes later, he swooped down not 20' from me and grabbed a small rodent from the thicket and flew off. I have a guinea pig that loves to graze on the grass. Now, I'm fearful of bringing her out, even though she's in a large enclosed piggie playpen and I'm right by her side. I'm not sure about a 6 lb. dog but I don't doubt they would attempt it. It was truly frightening! Be careful!

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    I will never ever forget the movie Benji The Hunted. A hawk or eagle swooped down and took a mountain Lion cub that Benji was trying to help get back to the mom, he followed them all thru the woods, but couldn't get to the tree to get the cub out. And the last you see of the cub is looking at Benji crying. That is forever imprinted on my mind! I cried and cried for that cub! And it was a movie!
    I wouldn't risk it!
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    We don't have many hawks in our area, but several months ago, I went in the backyard, and in front of my face, on the lower branch of one of our trees, a HAWK! A HUGE HAWK! My heart stopped. It was HUGE! I mean, really, I had never seen such a big bird so close up before. He wasn't afraid of me. Just sat there, looking at me with an evil look. I have seen hawks flying around before, but never one that close. We never saw them again. Don't know where he came from, but he was scary. I wish I had the camera with me, because its not something you'd see everyday, but when I ran to get it and returned, the hawk turned around and flew away. His wings looked so powerful it was amazing. I would be careful if I were you. Those hawks aren't the sweet ordinary little birds that hop around every where. They are predators, and you can never predict what's going on in their minds. Keep your little pup safe.

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    Absolutely!!!! In fact, a neighbor down the street lost her yorkie terrier to a bird of prey. You must be very,very careful. She went to her backyard just in time to see her dog being lifted into the air. The bird dropped the dog in the next yard, but went right back down and got it!! She never saw the dog again. I don't know this lady, but she saw me walking Cisco and came out to warn me. It''s not only hawks, but larger owls at night. So you must be careful day & night. Never let him out alone.

    BTW I have seen the hawks take pigeons feeding from the ground where we put seed. Nothing left, but a bunch of feathers flying everywhere!!
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    How scary!!!

    Keep an eye on that little bugger.
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    yes i have heard of large birds taking small dogs.

    we dont have trouble with hawks where i am but we have problems with pelicans, and you realy have to be careful when there are pelicans around

    In fact, a neighbor down the street lost her yorkie terrier to a bird of prey.
    ohhhh that is awful poor little dog
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