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    Lovely day

    I 'work' at a Girl Scout camp called Camp Aspetuck. I am a P.A (which is a program aide, who is basically a counselor, but don't get some privlegdes such as getting paid, lol)
    Well, yestderday was my first day and they tell us we have to wear bathing caps. (regualr campers have to, but every year before this year P.As don't have to wear them) Then they say we have to take lessons! They lifeguards who give the lessons are really, really mean and just like showing off to the counselors. I hate them! I am not BAD at swimming, I mean I can, but I am not very good. They made us swim three times back and forth in a small pool that is like green and is never ever cleaned and we have no choice. Then before we even had a chance to breathe, they put us in the GIGANTIC pool that is very long, and make us swim twice back and forth. I felt so dizzy like I was going to faint! Then they made me go in the pool and made me to the backstroke which I am REALLY bad at, then it goes to eight feet and I wasn't comfortable doing it, but they MADE me do it. I got about a quarter and I stopped and told them "I can't do it!" and they told me, "Keep going, Starburst, you're almost there!" (we at camp all have nicknames [the staff] and mine is Starburst) I kept going and I kept sinking and my head was going back and I said "I CAN'T DO THIS!" and stopped. "God! You're never gonna do it if you don't TRY! Keep going or no free swim" I felt like I was gonna drown! So I flipped over and swam regularly the rest of the way, and they made us tread water for like five minutes, and then made us swim back to them, and then back again. We got out and I couldn't see. Everything was blurry and I felt dizzy and like I was going to faint. I was walking over to the head P.A person to tell her I needed to go to the nurse and I could hardly walk. I looked like a drunk person taking one of those walking tests. I felt likke I was going to faint right then. They took me to the nurse and I laid down for a while, but I still didn't feel well.
    Then, today I had to plan something for them at the last minute to get them a badge so my friend and I got art supplies and had them design a fashion for a fashion badge. We were outdoors with dirt ground and they were working on a bench. They threw scissors, beads, glue, Q-Tips (for the glue), ribbons, markers, crayons, sequins, googly eyes, and everything they could get their hands on. We asked them to help clean up but they were like, "Oops. Looks like it's swim time. Have fun cleaning up after us!" AND WE HAD TO CLEAN UP EVERY LITTLE SCRAP AND EVEN THE TINIEST BEADS! I was so annoyed! And we have to get twenty-five leaderships hours in two weeks by doing something with the girls. This is so hard!
    There's so much planning and yelling and contolling and bossiness. And you always seem to be the bad guy when you tell two girls having fun that they can't run, or give each other piggy-back rides. Hee hee! Welcome to the real world Amanda, right? lol, sorry this is such ranting. It's just so...different than what I'm used to, but I suppose that I am getting good training for the future.
    This is lot's of fun though, despite all of the really super hard work. (sorry for sounding like such a baby!) I know I am learning A LOT from this experience, but sometimes I feel like the gopher of the 'real' counselors, lol, but I don't mind. We should be paid though!
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    when I was young way back in the paleozoic era-I was a CIT and we had to wear those awful bathing caps-well I'm tall and thin and I looked like a pencil with an eraser on top!!
    It was fun;but, some of the stuff they put you through-whew!! I never did eat the butterscotch pudding-at least I think that's what it was-to this day I do not know!!
    Have fun it'll get better!!
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