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Thread: Our Good Deed

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    Our Good Deed

    For 4H we have to choose a Community Pride Project and we selected to help one of my neighbors who is to old and can't get outside to tend the gardens she loves so much...I think it pains here to watch the weeds grow. So our 4H club spent three meetings getting her yard back to normal. I'm the Secretary of the Lyon County Equstrains and Amanda (my neighbor and an old member of pettalk [weiner_teddy] who is the Vice President) took pictures to make our board and I just wanted to share the beuty of her gardens because I know we all love flower pictures So here we go

    Me and Amanda cutting grass

    My fav. Picture

    She said "Will one of you girls cut the grass over here??" and my brother offers....I always knew I had another sister....

    More Comming

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    Good for you! I'm sure that meant a lot to her!!

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    My REAL little sister

    And Last a Group Picture of all of us, dont I looks so Happy...and taller than like all of them. lol

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