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Thread: "Of dogs and men" wonderful essay!

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    "Of dogs and men" wonderful essay!

    Of Dogs and Men
    "The way I see it, dogs had this big meeting, oh, maybe 20,000 years ago. A huge meeting an international convention with delegates from everywhere. And that's when they decided that humans were the up-and-coming species and dogs were going to throw their lot in with them. The decision was obviously not unanimous. The wolves and dingoes walked out in protest.
    Cats had an even more negative reaction. When they heard the news, they called their own meeting in Paris, of course to denounce canine subservience to the human hyperpower. (Their manifesto La Condition Feline can still be found in provincial bookstores.
    Cats, it must be said, have not done badly. Using guile and seduction, they managed to get humans to feed them, thus preserving their superciliousness without going hungry. A neat trick. Dogs, being guileless, signed and delivered. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

    This essay appeared in the last issue of Time magazine, June 16, under that title.
    To read all the text go to
    Sorry, I haven't figure out how to post a direct link yet in my new browser.

    PS: Edwina's secretary entered the direct link in her "TIME Magazine" post. Thanks...
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    Yes, it was a great article and very well written. I got to read
    it yesterday. I'm glad you saw it also.
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