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Thread: Mitzi & Mr. Mishi - Together Peacefully! At Last!

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    Mitzi & Mr. Mishi - Together Peacefully! At Last!

    OMG! They're together - no major growling or fights. He's sleeping on one of my king-size pillows on the king-sized bed and she's at the foot of the bed, trying to sleep while watching him with one eye. Every once in a while one of them gets up to sniff the other without incident. I'm shocked and amazed that it just happened so peacefully! I was preparing myself for major Mishigaas. Maybe that will come, but it hasn't yet. She seems to stand her ground with him - I didn't think she was so spunky, but she is -- it's so cute.

    She's rediscovered her tail as a good thing to chase the other day. She was doing this before he came on the scene; I guess she feels comfortable now and that "thing" just keeps taunting her, wiggling and teasing her and yet remaining just out of her reach - forever uncatchable! It's so funny to see her whirling around, going for it. Last night he discovered her tail too - she wasn't too pleased.

    It's going to be nice getting my bathroom back from him, although now he's used to it and likes "helping" me with my makeup and hair. Now to see if I can very carefully and slowly rearrange the food and litter boxes so I can get the rest of my apartment back - well, maybe not this weekend. Perhaps I'll wait while they settle in; it's all so new to them, but it's good. Whew! What a month!

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    Great news. You've gotten ove the hard part. Hurray for the new happy couple!

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    That is great news. I imagine in a month or so, you won't even remember the antics!!

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    *doing a happy little dance in my chair*

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    What wonderful news!!!! Congratulations!
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    This is great news. When I adopted Cirrus it took at least a month for everything to finally calm down and get back to normal. I've now had him for about 2 1/2 months and now you'd never even know that he's the new kitty around here. It's so great when they all get along.
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