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    new members

    ok I hope this does not sound mean, but, how many others think that each peson that joins should only be able to join with one name, at a time? I see someone join with a name and a few minutes, join with a very similar name.. is that necessary? I know it doesn't matter, but I just wonder why they do it?
    have you noticed that when you send pm 's, that sometimes there is a message that reads, you can only send 1 message in every 30 I wonder why they don't get a message that they have already registered? also the voting, tells you, you have already voted for a poll...

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    I agree....But sometimes we have to change our names which Im guess you would unterstand that...but we have been reciving a large amount of people changing and rechanging their names.

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    happiness is a house full of cats
    sure, changing names, but what I'm talking about is registering with several names, at the same time. when I had to change my pt name I posted about it, so people would know who I am.

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    Hopefully it's because they have computer trouble, but I'm afraid there may be a troll attack brewing. Paul and Karen, bless their hearts, have a really strong troll-resistant system h ere.
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