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Thread: How long do Cockatiels live?

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    How long do Cockatiels live?

    I have heard many different opinions on how old a cockatiel life span is and I'm as in the dark as I have ever been on the matter, and my bird Russ is going on 16 now. I'd love to have some frim idea so that I don't receive the shock of my life one morning when I take his covers off.

    Thinking about the day he will be gone is not very worrisom, but I know that the day he actually is gone I will be an absolute mess. I grew up with that ornery old man. He might drive me crazy on occasion, but he's my bud and I love him. He does the "wolf-whistle", imitates the sound of my sneeze and the sound I make to call the cats.

    He can whistle the intro to Guns-n-Roses "Patience" like a pro. He kind of muddles it now, but he hasn't actually heard the real song in a while.

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    welcome to PT!

    I'm not sure abut how long they live, but I think that I've heard 30 years +

    There are a few people here with tiels that will be sure to help you out

    Good luck!
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    I too have heard various opinions about the lifespan of cockatiels. Most say that their *average* lifespan is about 15-20 years. I have several friends who have tiels that are over 25 and still very healthy. Cockatiels can live to be 35 or even older, and are very hardy, sweet birds. They live long lives for a creature so tiny, as most parrots do. Your sweetie may not be so young anymore, but hopefully, with lots of love and a good diet, hopefully he should still have some years left with you. Who knows, he may be hanging around for another 15 years. My tiels are only 4 years old right now, and I try to feed them the best diet possible. With a good diet (seeds, pellets, veggies, whole wheat bread, rice, boiled egg once in a while, etc.) cockatiels can live long and healthy for a long time. Enjoy your life with your tiel. 16 is older than young, but tiels are normally considered *seniors* once they hit their 20s. I know we have another member here with a older tiel also. I'd love to see pics of your cockatiel btw. I'm sure he's a sweetie!

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    iv heard if u let them fly it prolongs their life. is this tru

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    I have heard 15-25 years
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~*Debra*~
    iv heard if u let them fly it prolongs their life. is this tru
    I've heard that aswell. I think as long as your cockatiel gets a good amount of exercise, whether that is from flying or just exploring outside of the cage, and a healthy diet they will live a long, happy life.

    I've heard the average lifespan is 20-25 years now. I've met cockatiels that were much older than 25, though.

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    tiels can live anywhere between 15-25yrs. i had a lutino tiel that got to 20yrs
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    lol I never had any idea what the average lifespan was, sounds like I have TONS of time with my boy, being as he is only like 9 months old lol
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