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Thread: needing help getting of ticks and fleas

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    needing help getting rid of ticks and fleas

    We don't live on a farm, but we don't live in a neighborhood either, but out behind our house is a pasture and just a few days ago, they put quite a few cows out there....Before, they were here, I have not seen either tics or fleas, but ever since they got here, I have seen 2 tics, and a couple fleas, and I woke up yesterday morning with chigger bites all on my side...there are about 5 or 6 of them right by each other..I am assuming they are flea bites...they just look like chiggers....ohh well...I am going to have to buy a flea collar ad have the vet check both kitties today for fleas..I have tried to see if either one of them had any on them, I didn't see any, I am taking Fluffy in today to get her stitches out and Rocky has to get a leukemia shot anyway so while I am there I am going to see what they can do about it.....if anyone has any suggestions..please let me know...
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    just bumping this up incase noone saw...I just need some help..thanx!

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    Samuel Thomas 8/31/96 Amber Nicole 3/9/98
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    I would definitely talk to your vet about what are the best options for you--there are so many preventatives and medicines out there--hearing it from your vet is probably the best. I don't know much about cats, but for dogs I have heard Advantage and Frontline work very well, and we use Revolution on our dogs--it covers fleas, ticks, mosquitioes and heartworm.

    Let us know what you find out.
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    Ask your vet about Revolution. It gets rid of ticks, fleas, flea eggs AND earmites. It's the best thing I've used that's on the market.

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    If you get fleas in the house, one thing that helped me was
    Fleabusters. It is a powder that you work into your carpet and it lasts for about a year, withstanding vacuuming!
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