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    I'm not sure whether or not I should give my 4 month old Golden Retriever ham bones. They are 4 1/2 inches long. Are they good for them? Is there a downside to giving her them?

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    are they cooked? Cooked bones are always a no-no. They can splinter and cause tremendous(sp?) pain...(esp in your wallet) may need to get surgury for them if it's really bad. If it's see nothing wrong with it..always supervise when they're chomping on bones

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    cooked is a big no no for me 2! So are some rawhide! Daisy , my golden loves nylabones! Molly my collie also does too!

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    I don't give max any uncooked bones, he gets super agressive & will attack anyone or thing in sight. Max only gets the large white bleached bones at pet value. He use to chew on them all day, & he always spit out the chunks of bone he bit off. If ur dog is 100% fine with raw bone then go for it, but if he/she shows any signes of agression, get him the hell away from it & try the bleached white bone.. u can put cheese inside it & he'll play with it all day long!!

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    My dog Leather loves ham bones, but we don't give them to her anymore because I read about the damage it could cause to their insides. It can chip off and make splinters and cut up their throat and stomach I made a thread about it a while back..

    raw bone thread with pics

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    I have never given Foxy cooked bones but i think that there is nothing wrong with raw bones

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    My dogs love ham bones, unfortunately Kito loves them a bit too much--he really hurt Abbey a few weeks ago because they were fighting over one!!
    I think they're ok, once in a while, not all the time.
    My dogs mostly chew on nylabones or kongs.
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    my dogs liked Dryed pigs ears, but I dont really feel confertable giving them pig ears because I love pigs, I dont even eat pork my self.
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