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Thread: Prayer Thread

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    Prayer Thread

    How would you feel about starting an "ongoing" Prayer Request Thread?

    If we know of an animal, person or situation which requires the power of prayer to help resolve, we can post it here, in order that other like-minded PT'ers can include these requests in their daily devotions.

    I'd like to start off with the following three:

    - That GRASSHOPPER will enjoy a quick recovery

    - That ELVIS will continue to heal and improve

    - That ROLY POLY from Southside Animal Shelter - who has been there for THREE YEARS - will be blessed with a wonderful family and a forever home.

    Ally & Julie

    Thanks Kay for my great sig & avatar!!!
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    Another Prayer ...

    I pray that the owner of the "Kensington Cat" who was skinned alive in Canada is found so that we can get even a little justice from her death. Can you believe that they can't prosecute one of the perpetrators because it has been more than six months since the fact? All they can get him on is theft of the cat hence the need to find her owner.

    Everyone please pray for the campaign and pray that Kensington is happy at the RB.

    RIP Nibbler, joined the Bridge 12 May 2007.

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