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Thread: bird feet :p

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    bird feet :p

    lol... i know, wierd topic right? but i just think birdie feet are sooo cute! dont you? hehe here are some pics of tiki's feet

    do any of you think bird feet are cute? hehe


    BTW: if you have any pics of your birdie's feet please post them!

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    i honestly think they ook kinda gross...but that is just me
    sometimes i look at the ducks feet and am grossed out by it
    wots of wuv,

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    I love bird feet, I love the way they feel to. No pics though
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    I think that bird feet are cute, and I think Tiki is cute! thanks so much for sharing!

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    aww! so cute! lol!

    I know, tiki looks so cute when she is trying to run across the kitchen to catch me I have a video of it but im still trying to figure out how to download it

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    I love bird feet toooooooooooooo!

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    I like bird feet too, I also like how they feel
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    I love all the birdie feet! So cute!

    Thanks for the signature & avatar kfamr

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