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    How do you feel about adopting dogs from a shelter? I've never adopted from one but I always wanted to. Post here if you wanna.

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    Both Killian and Shiloh are adopted from a kill shelter. I highly recommend it.
    Save a life, ADOPT!!

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    I was never sure if I wanted a shelter dog or not...a puppy didn't concern me so much as an older dog. You never know how they have been treated, or what issues they may have. But then I got Spot and he is wonderful!!! It was so much easier adding an older dog to our home...the girls understood how to play with him more quickly, and he fit right in. I know that would not be the case with every dog and I know that some dogs do have issues. If I were getting a first dog, or an olnly, I would be willing to work with that, but having two dogs already, I wanted to be sure I was adding an overly aggressive dog, and I wanted to be sure I had the time to deal with the issues that a new dog would bring.

    I think adopting a dog froma shelter is a wonderful thing, but it has been be the right dog for you your lifestlye, and those close to you...and as many dogs are in shelters, I'm sure the right one is out there...

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    Mike and I sat down and figured it out and 10 of ours came from various shelters and 10 came from off the streets. I would always recommend a shelter dog....just're saving a life.

    Don't buy while shelter dogs die!!

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    Sierra is a shelter puppy for she was only 2 months old when we got her. I will definately adopt again from a shelter when these girls pass on, not that I ever want that to happen or even to think about it, they are my rocks right now!

    I too see it as saving a life because the shelters are so over populated and these poor animals are being put to sleep for being there too long, we need to rescue these precious animals and so we've got to help our shelters!

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    If you are a little leery about adopting from a pound or animal control type shelter than consider adopting from a rescue. Rescues have temperment tested the dogs and can tell you what dogs will do well with children, cats, etc.
    The dog will also be up to date on shots and already spayed or neutered too! The adoption fee will be a little higher than at a pound but when you consider what has been put into the dog it's a very small fee to pay.

    Either way, you'll be giving an unwanted, homeless dog a place where they can be loved!

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    We have adopted none of our dogs from shelters but both Taggert and Snoopy came from Rescue groups. Taggert had already been fixed, had his first shots, and had been wormed. Snoopy had his first shots but we did have to have him fixed.

    Dazzi was adopted from a friend who was getting divorced and need to give her up. He adopted her from a humane society and I have to tell you she is the very best dog ever. She was housetrained, and obedience trained. We can let her out and she stays in the yard. If she does see a rabbit, another dog or cat and starts running after it, all we have to do is call her name and she almost always comes back. (there has been atime or two she kept going but that is very rare and usually with another dog than anything else.) She could sit, lay down, adn spin on command. Now she shakes and high fives too. The man who gave her to us got her when she was about a year old. We got her about 6 months later.

    There are some great dogs out there in shelters and humane societies that original owners have put time and money into and then for one reason or another have given them up. Divorce, moving, job changes, the amount of time, energy and money a dog takes are all reasons for giving dogs up. I wouldn't hesitate adopting a dog from either a shelter, humane society or rescue.

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    I have never adopted but I hope to one day.
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    Never has the Last word.
    My Shaianne came from the Humane Soc and I never looked back!
    I highly reccommend people adopt from shelters.
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    Missy came from a shelter and she is a great dog. She is very friendly, was easily trained, she's gentle and just an all around great dog. She's also very healthy, we got her a year and a half ago and she's never once gotten sick. The only times I've taken her to the vet is for a regular checkup/vaccination.
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    Spike came from the shelter (well sorta) He was brought to my house because my friend knew we loved beagles and she didn't want him to go back to the shelter (it is a kill shelter..They keep the dogs for so long and if not adopted they put then down)

    I admit I was a little leary because Max is 15 and I didn't know how he would react to a new pup... He was so depressed when he lost his buddy, MacDuff, and I didn't know how he would feel towards a new pup! Plus, I didn't know how my husband would feel either but we (me and the kids and Max) met him on neutral ground and well, once we took one look at him we knew we couldn't say NO! So, we took him home and told the hubby after it was as done deal! He wasn't too thrilled but he and Spike have become the best of buds! He likes to act tough but all in all hubby is a softy at heart!

    I would definately get another dog from a shelter since I know I will be saving a life!
    Lisa, Max and Spike

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    Adopting! YES!

    Every dog we have owned has come from shelters or from Rescue. We currently have two Old English Sheepies, both from rescue. With rescue or adoption you are saving a live and if you get an older dog, you will probably get a dog who is trained to some degree (pottie and leash). Both of our sheepies were four years or older when we adopted them and I just can't recommend it enough. I do however recommend that you do your research into the type of dog you want in your life. I feel we would have fewer dogs in shelters or rescue if we uprights did our homework.


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    I've never adopted from a shelter because I was looking for a specific breed and couldn't find it in the shelters but I HIGHLY recommend rescueing from a shelter. Alot of them are mutts, but I think mutts are great! You get a little bit of everything (in a way). Kinda like...getting a poodle's intelligence with a german shepherd's loyalty. =] I will definately rescue when I get older, and plan on fostering many more.

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    I too recommend it!

    Kia came from a shelter. My two cats came off the street.
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    I too have always adopted from shelters. Every dog I have gotten from a shelter has been wonderful. That is a choice that is best for me as I feel so good about myself when I rescue my companion animal. I have had to deal with behavioral issues over the years, but the sense of satisfaction I get is well worth it. That is not to say that getting a specific breed from a quality breeder is wrong - it is a choice you have to make for yourself.

    One thing I am adamantly opposed to is getting a pet from a pet store. It absolutely promotes puppy mills. Also I would never recommend getting from a backyard breeder if they do not have at least one parent on premises. Puppies where there is no parent on premises also have a high likelihood of coming from a puppy mill.

    Again the choice is yours - you need to do what is best for you. Whatever you do, make sure you research the breeds to make a wiser choice.

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