It is always one project or another, isn't it?

My friend's daughter is into horses and rides at a barn near their home. At this barn, they had a very young hound puppy dumped. It just appeared when day, and barely seemed old enough to be weaned from its momma. Tabitha, the barn owner, hoped to be able to keep the pup as a barn dog, and has tried for several weeks, but the pup is just full of energy and life and that is becoming a problem with the horses. She gives lessons and he is distracting. She afraid either he will get stepped on by a horse or it will spook a horse and a child will get injured. He gets along wonderfully with children and cats and I guessing he would love dogs too (has not been around any). He loves people and just loves to be loved! We are guessing he is now maybe 3-4 months old.

I am going to place an add on petfinder as soon as I get a little more info and I hope to get some pictures of him soon. Please let me know if you know of anyone who may be intereted in a loving, energetic pup!