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Thread: Our Puppy needs a home!

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    Our Puppy needs a home!

    We recently found a puppy abandoned in the country. This is a 14 week old Queensland/Chow mix. She's almost potty trained. She is beautiful, and very sweet with my daughter. We have a small home and small yard and can't keep her. We have a pug, and they play great together. If anyone is interested, please let us know. She has her first shots and is dewormed. [email protected]


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    Aww, she's adorable. Where are you located?

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    What a cutie pie!! Any updates on her? Good luck finding her a home.

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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    OHHHHH how cute is he or she what is it??? i should talk to my parents and ask them ya where are you located???

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