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Thread: black throat monitor deaths

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    i am from NY but now live in florida

    black throat monitor deaths

    black throat monitors

    I am a monitor enthusiast having purchased a Savannah many years ago. A few months ago i purchases a baby captive bred black throat. A few weeks after i purchased him he stopped eating, became emaciated and was coughing and had alot of phlegm in his mouth when he opened it. I took him to a vet who gave him a shot of batril and water (to hydrate) and gave me batril to take home and administer it 2X a day by mouth. He got better in two weeks, then a week after that started having the same symptoms. He started coughing which turned into choking and died soon after. I was heartbroken and going broke cause i paid $200 for him. A few weeks later i dissinfected the cage, purchased new logs and water bowls, etc. and purchased a wild black throat. I had him for several months, and this one started to grow rapidly. He grew about 4 inches in those months, then last week he started to have phlegm in his mouth, started coughing and making the same noises as the last one. I informed my pet shop where i have been going for almost 10 years that i thought this one was dying on me too. Well, the next day i came home and he was dead. this is the second one and he also cost me $200 not to mention vet bills, housing and food. I dont know what i did wrong. Someone suggested getting a hotter heat lamp which i did, i got a 100 watt and kept it on all day. I've had my savannah monitor for 5 years and hes doing great. i was told to vary the diet, and i feed the savannah ( and i fed the blackthroats) crickets, meal worms, cooked eggs with the shell for calcium and raw fish and they eat all of it. What did i do wrong with the black throat. my heart is broken, please help!!!!!

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    I am not sure what you didnt wrong, I think it is because th esupplyer is a bad one, you should try to find a breeder!. I think you should take the body back and complain, get your money back, that is redicuals that it died.

    maybe get a different lizard? like a different species?
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    i am from NY but now live in florida
    Thanks for your reply. I have been buying lizards from that pet shop for almost 10 years and have no problem with other lizards purchased there, thats why i am putting the word out to see if a vet out there or someone else with experience with these lizards know what happened. I dont plan on ever buying another one of these lizards because something i am doing is not giving me good results. I am going to the next reptile show that comes around my area and am going to buy a chameleon from a breeder. I just hope if someone shows up with a black throat i dont get tempted. I saw on this website a couple from NY got a black throat by accident and are raising it, have had it over a year and it grew to 4 ft. long. I am envious. It was a "pet of the day".

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    I have a chameleon named Rex. there is also Aspen and Misty Who has a chameleon named Peaches. They need extra care and lots of research i hope you did yours!
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    Thanks MANDAMOO!!!!

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    Ask this at in the monitor forum. The people there have tons of experience and would probably be better able to help you than I.

    Unfortunately, even though I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable herper, I have no idea what could have caused the deaths of your monitors.

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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