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Thread: what kind of bug is it?

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    what kind of bug is it?

    The other day, I found a few small black specks on Kai. They were on his neck...thank god for white fur. I thought they were just dirt or something but I saw them crawl. To make sure I wasn't just seeing things, I asked my cousin to check it out too. She said they were moving. We stopped at the vet's but we didn't have an appointment (and the vet was in surgury) so we asked the lady at the desk. She said it wasn't fleas, ticks or lice. Does anyone know what it could be? I'm positive it's not fleas anyways because he's on flea pills. They were extremely tiny. I couldn't see legs or anything cuz they were so small. So far, all were on his neck but I'm not sure if there are any on other parts of his body because it's hard to see black against brown/black.

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    Mites? Mites usually stick around the ear area though
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    I dunno what kind of bugs they might be, but I sure am itchy after reading your description!!!

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    they really sound like fleas to me?

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    what about chiggers??

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    I was thinking fleas too..

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    I hope you find out soon!
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    Originally posted by mugsy
    what about chiggers??

    That was my guess too. They could also be pin mites, which a lot of people haven't seen. They are extrememly tiny! I would go with what the doc has to say, as not all front people in a vets office know what certain type of bugs are. I hope you figure it out soon and can get it taken care of.
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