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Thread: My Bridal Shower

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    My Bridal Shower

    Was today!!!! I was soooo shocked because I thought it was May 18th!! We all had a great time and I got to see some friends that I haven't seen in a long time!! I got stuff for my bathroom, a smoothie maker, tea kettle, cookie baking set, and tons of little things!!!

    The food was awesome at the restaurant. They just kept coming out with more and more food!

    Here's some pics:
    my cake:

    Me and the cake (I look like crap cause I thought I was going to the mall!!!)

    Me and my cookie set:

    My wonderful, wonderful friends:
    Top row-me, linda(coworker),carla,barb(coworker),carrie,my mom
    bottom row-laura my maid of honor,beth,gina(coworker), and marcia
    I love my furkid Neko!

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    Awwww, what a nice surprise!

    You look a lot like your mom
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    How fun! My bridal shower wasn't a surprise - my Aunt said, "Listen, I know you helped make your sister's surprise shower, cousin Dian's shower, and both my girls' showers a surprise, and so I'm afraid if I don't tell you when yours is, you'll avoid me all summer!" So she told me the when and where, which I didn't mind, that way I could give all my Boston friends directions and reassurances!

    Is that a cookie press kit? If you need a good recipe for cookie press cookies, I've got a great one, let me know and I'll put it over in the Recipe thread!

    Such an exciting time! How'd they get you there? My cousin Diane's fiance kept delaying bringing her to what she THOUGHT was her friend's shower, and she was sooo mad at him it was hysterical when she realized just why he made sure she was a little late!

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    What a wonderful bunch of friends you have!!! Thanks for showing us some pictures!!!

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    you are going to make a pretty bride, love the cake, glad u had a good time, when is the wedding? will your furbabies be there with their bowties and bows on heh he lol
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    You looked very nice in pic. showers are a great get-together for friends and family.

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    Wow - I bet that was WAY more fun than a trip to the mall - looks like a great group of friends! Isn't it just too fun when it's a total surprise? I almost didn't make it to my bridal shower because they had told me it was a "Home Interiors" party (don't know if they still have those or not), where you buy artwork for the walls and stuff. I had gone to one too many of those parties and didn't really care for the merchandise, so that morning I told my fiance I wasn't going to go after all. He kind of scolded me and said that wouldn't be very nice since I had been invited, etc., and finally "guilted" me into going (since he knew what it really was)! It took quite a few minutes for it to actually sink in, after they all yelled surprise, that it was a shower for me!

    Karen - I have a cookie press that's been in my pantry for YEARS that I have never used - I would love to "christen" it with your recipe!
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    Great pictures!! Congrats!

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    It looks like a great time! I'm glad they surprised you! Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!!!

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    What a nice surprise. Must have been fun. You must be getting so excited about the wedding.

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    How thoughtful of your friends! I have to plan a shower for my best friend and sorority sister. She is getting married in August and I am her maid of honor. Not sure where to start, yet!

    Bet you are getting anxious. You're wedding day will be here in no time!

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    What a wonderful surprise!

    Thank you for sharing pictures. (I'm evious... I'd love to have a smoothie maker! )
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    What a wonderful surprise! Thanks for letting us see the pictures.
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    Sounds like you had a ball! Such nice gifts you got too!!

    Good thing it wasn't my shower - I would have really been upset to show up dressed for the mall etc. and then find out it was a shower for me. Sure your friends know you well enough that it was a fun idea for you.

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    CONGRATS! Yes, it's always fun to be surprised, not to mention get a lot of stuff when you weren't expecting it for the house!

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