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Thread: Oliver

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    I forgot about the vanilla on the nose trick. That's a good one

    Also, something I have often read about (but also managed to forget to mention) is to pay MORE attention to your resident cats and LESS to your new cat. The reason: The new cat will need to seek out cat companionship this way. So, since you now know he is lovable to people, you can give him a bit of tough love. (trust's hard)

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    Thank you for your support and advice. Thanks so much!! You can't imagine how helpful you all are...they are my babies and while my hubby is a total cat person....he doesn't totally understand all this. He didn't want another cat, so that is attributing to his attitude. So, yes, you are all so wonderful to me.

    An may be small, but its something:

    I slept with Oliver last night in our room...he's quite the cuddle bug. This morning, I woke up to Basie and Olivia (my morning cuddlers) at the door. I had slept with the door open, screen in place ALL NIGHT! Oliver kind of knew they were there, but didn't do anything until Olivia started meowing for me. I got up, Oliver saw them there and just went to the window!!! Yay!! When I got up, I saw that David had unplugged the it was a "real" response. I actually see progress....I think.

    Jen & Russian Blue...thanks for the great advice. I'll try the vanilla and giving the resident cats more attention. Great point.
    ...RIP, our sweet Gini...

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