Hello, I am a parent of four children. 12,10, 8, and 5. I know...crazy to bring puppies home...lol My girlfriend and I went to pick out a puppy for the kids as a surprise. We saw an add in the paper and it said shepherd/husky mix. I grew up with animals my whole and have a pretty good eye on the different breeds of dogs but this time I was fooled. We went t the house to look t these pups...as soon as we walked in they had them in a mini pool with shredded newspaper. Rayne (the first one) we saw right away..total shepherd....mix with something but not husky. she was very outgoing and standing as tall as can be on the edge of the pool. Karen said "oh I want that one!" so I knew that was the one. We hung around for a bit to play with them when in the far back this little fella (another female...who later would be my baby, Storm) popped her head up. I almost died, she was so beautiful but looked nothing like her sister. You could tell she was a rolie polie and lazy....just like me Karen said. Anyway, I had to have her and I couldn't choose between the two...Karen had hers picked for the kids, I had mine..picked for me....

We got them in December and they were 8 weeks.....maybe a week later, not even I noticed Storms tongue....it was blue and black.....I looked at Raynes and hers had some spots but not as much as Storms. She has the chow face, body and shepherd ears...very cute. Rayne is all shepherd...except for her tongue you wouldn't know she has chow in her. I told Karen we have ourselves a couple chow-shepherd mixes. She was not happy about the chow part.

We have two very Beautiful Dogs but with two very different personalities. Rayne is very spastic and loving. Friendly and warm. She wants to approach strangers, she is curious but is timid. Storm is cuddly and playful, lazy....protective. 5 months old and barks and growls at strangers like shes full grown and ready to stand guard. I don't know what to do. Karen is worried, but I tell her she's just being protective. She doesn't go after anyone...she just stands her ground and then when I say "Storm Come!" she comes and sits between my feet or next to me.
She is GREAT with the kids, espcially our 5 years old...she rides the dogs, wrestles....they love it....they are very good with us and the kids. The kids say she is my shadow.....sometimes Rayne gets jealous and will pee on something to get my attention...but I give her the same attention...atleast I think I do. I don't know....

Any Advice...I would greatly apprciate it!!