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Thread: german shepherd chow golden retriever rotweiler mix???

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    german shepherd chow golden retriever rotweiler mix???

    hello I have a mix breed dog and I don't know what it is.... they say it's part chow and probably german shepherd but i really have no clue... others say its part golden retriever... he is 1 year now and all i know is that he is very independent.. and can't stand the heat... he is always digging a hole to lay on the cool dirt or just looks for the shade.... and he has a long hair coat looks like a lion..... so I just want to know what you guys think.....
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    I see German Sheperd and Golden. Maybe some Husky? He is very adorable at any rate. Nice and furry and fluffy and huggable!

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    I definately see Golden in the Face, eyes,and coat. It looks like a mix of chow and Shepherd coloring. Beautiful dog.

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    I see the shepherd and the chow... such lovely eyes!!
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    I see GSD and Chow for sure. Maybe some Retriever. He sure is a big snuggly cutie! I don't see any Sibe in him at all.
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    Meet Zermatt

    Here is Zermat my German Sheppard, Chow Chow and Golden Retriever mix.

    There is some kind of ressamblance.

    I will try to find some better pictures and I will post them later

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    I would say Chow and German! I know it has chow because to me in the face and the body it looks like a chow... and a little german or husky maybe? or maybe golden... I'm not sure! Whatever it is it is so very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lute View Post
    I see GSD and Chow for sure. Maybe some Retriever. He sure is a big snuggly cutie! I don't see any Sibe in him at all.
    I agree, and i dont see sibe in there either. but i see a 2 tone tongue in that cute mouth. Its not always a sign of a chow but it lots of times is.

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    Very beautiful dog.

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    I def. see Chow and GSD! Maybe some belgian tervuren?

    He is beautiful!

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    shepherd chow or golden retriever mix??!/...&ref=fbx_album

    We have no idea of the breed of our dog either. Our dogs look similar I think. Falcon is 9 months old.

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    Titan's Mom !!!

    Definitely a Sheppard Chow mix .,... I own one of each and he has both traits...My chow is a mix of chow and husky has huge black spots on his tongue ...see if He does

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    I think I have a twin of his! We were told he is a German Shepherd/Chow mix. Then I thought he had retriever too. After seeing a Malanios (Belgium Shepherd) running on a dog show, I thought that is what he was, but the other day I had two different individuals say he looks like a German Shepherd/Chow! So we are back to square one.

    Actually I found this site when I googled German Shepherd/Chow. It would be nice to have this settled...

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    I can settle it - he's 100% dog! Could be Shepherd/Chow or Shepherd/Golden, or even Akita/Golden. His face looks to broad to be a Belgian, they are pretty narrow on the face and muzzle compared to a Golden or a Chow Chow. Given his size and height, I'd more lean to Shepherd/Golden Retriever, do his feet have webbed toes?
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    JacksonShepherd: There's probably no Malinois in your dog.. I don't see Chow either. He looks mostly German Shepherd or could be pure. He's handsome whatever he is.
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