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Thread: Jumping on Visitors

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    Jumping on Visitors

    How can I teach Max, Half Rotty/Boxer, not to jump on people?? He's 40 some lbs and 16 weeks old. This might cause a slight problem when he gets bigger??? Heeeeelllllpppppp.
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    Awwww, he's a cutie!!

    The most important thing to remember while training him not to jump is to NEVER let him get rewarded for it. So let everyone around you know that you are teaching him not to jump and although its cute now, they should ignore him when he jumps on them. You'll have to make Max aware that if he jumps, nothing good will come. But if all four feet are on the ground, he'll get lots of loving Remember that when he's jumping he wants attention, and he might not even mind if its negative attention as long as its attention. So I would turn your back and ignore him when he jumps. Cross your arms and look up. As soon as he plants all four feet on the ground, praise him calmly (if you get too excited, he'll jump again).

    You can also get him on a leash and step on the leash so he can't jump up. Just stand there and give him treats and praise for sitting there. You can start loosening your foothold on the leash slowly to see if he still stays put.

    A good thing to do would be to teach him the sit command if he doesn't already know it. That will give him an alternative to the jumping. Instead of just teaching him he can't jump, he needs an alternative behavior. Show him that you would like him to sit when he wants human attention.

    If he gets rewarded for jumping just once during your training, he will keep trying and trying thinking that he may get away with it again sooner or later. If you think about it, its like Vegas casinos. People are rarely rewarded yet they sit there pulling and pulling the levers hoping for a win.

    Good luck!
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    Well, luckily for me my dog doesn't really have that problem...except for when we're outside and she gets a bit excited. Friends of mine gave me ideas when she was a little puppy though for when that time was to come. I'd been told that when they jump, you should stick your knee out (not kicking them) but blocking, then their chest will hit your knee and they should start thinking that everytime they jump up that they're going to bang into something not quite pleaseant. eventually they should stop. you could also try getting your dog to sit and stay by the door when people are entering and have your guests come up to the dog. everytime your dog doesn't run over and jump praise him and give a treat. i don't know if this will help but it was adivse given to me. melissa

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    Well said aly!

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    He also like to put his leash in his mouth when I try to take him out. He's fine for a while when we are walking and then he start to chew on it. I bought that Bitter stuff and spray it on it but it doesn't phase him. I also have the Gentle Leader and he is calm when he has it on. It's just when I take him out back for a quick walk. Thanks for you help. This has been my first post. Cool site too!!!!

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    Welcome to Pet Talk--Max is adorable!!!
    Aly's suggestions are perfect--that's how we got our beagle to stop jumping up--the dogs still get excited, like when my brother and sister come to visit, but they calm down very quickly.
    I do not like the idea of putting your knee up to keep the dog from jumping, that's just my idea--it seems as though you are hurting the dog.
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    hey when i was going 2 a adpotion house where some1 lives in the house and we were visting the dog,(it is a female jindo and has 5 pups) it jumped on all of us, and i said down and she listned good, ten when i rewarded her she always listened not 2 jump on guestz/vistorz/peoplez. ALSO I AM HER MASTER!! MY MOM said if we r going 2 get a dog, u hav 2 take care of the jindo!!

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    I also agree Aly's suggestions are very good.

    As for the leash in his mouth,
    this is what I did for my dogs.

    When Rocky would grab the leash,
    I would stand still, remove the leash from his
    mouth telling him "leave it"
    I than would tell him to sit.
    I would not put his leash on till he sat nicely and
    If he put that leash in his mouth, NO walkie.
    He caught on after a few times,
    and realized he wasn't going anywhere
    till he sat and behaved himself.

    Welcome to Pet Talk.


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    Ah, just wanted to say, what a cutie! Thanks for sharing the pic!

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