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Thread: Chow/Rottweiler mix

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    Chow/Rottweiler mix

    One of my good friends has been looking at this mix. She is not really sure if she wants to get one or not though. She is single she has one dog already a Collie/Shepherd mix. She is a active person. She loves to go running and walking with her one dog. JoJo. Jo-Jo is a female 1 year old and spayed. She is just alittle afraid that Jo-Jo will be jealous. She wanted me to ask everyone what you think of the mix? Any advice would really help.
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    I'm sure the mix would be fine. All i have to offer is what i tell everyone else. Have her visit the shelter nearest, or farthest whichever often, check back week to week or maybe everyother week [if she really wants another eh?] One will eventually come in that she'll fall in love with. She should be able to bring her pup in and see if they get along. Good luck.

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    Since each dog is an individual, I hate to give generalizations. When she finds a dog with this mix, I would just have her spend a lot of time with the dog to make sure its the right one
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    Thanks Aly and KayAnn I'll be sure to tell her what you told me. She's not in a hurry to get another dog. She has been going to the shelters around here. Until she finds the right dog for her.
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    this is Buddy a chow mix at the spca right now here in kelowna... .. what a sweet heart ..
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    I actually have a chow/rotti mix dog. He is terrific. Very loving and sweet. He is a couch potato when I am - but also loves to run and play. I have him in doggie daycare once a week and he loves playing with the other dogs. If he has one fault - he is definately a "pushy" dog that loves to get his way. Both breeds have a tendency to be assertive, but as long as you establish yourself as 'alpha' and continue training, they are great dogs.

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