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Thread: Help W/growling - I want my way!

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    Help W/growling - I want my way!

    The past few weeks Abby has started growling - mostly at Buddy when he won't play with her. She growled at me once when I wasn't paying attention to her and I told her NO! She gave me that tilted head look!! Her growls are not mean - she just wants her way. I want to put a halt to it. She does not do this when I am close by after the one time she growled at me. This past week she has growled at Buddy when he went to take a drink and get in his bed (whats left of his bed after she has chewed on the last 5). Any suggestions?

    For those who don't know - Buddy is 85# adopted about 3 years ago big male lab/husky and very very mellow. Lets Abby take his bones and toys out of his mouth - she grabs on to the gruff (?SP) of his neck and walks him around the yard till he has had enough and then he takes her by the nap of her neck and puts her down on her back for awhile!

    Abby is female 55# who came into our home as a stray last summer. She is in love with Buddy and does not want him out of her sight. When they are laying down 99% of the time she is curled into him and if not she is at least touching his paws or tail. She also sits on him or steps on him if he is in her path!! She has to be near him. She is also a sweet dog who likes to chew!

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    When she growls at you for attention, just ignore her. She is seeking attention so even negative attention could be gratifying to her.

    Are there any dog parks or places she can play with other dogs near you? Maybe if she could get some energy out playing with other dogs, she won't pester Buddy so much.
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    My Abbey growls for attention too, and usually it's because she wants the ball or toy that Kito has (even though there is usually an identical one right behind her). We just ignore her, and she stops. She is only doing it for attention, so she doesn't get any from us. She gets upset when I pet Kito and not her too, so usually they have to sit on either side of me, getting equal attention.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I am trying to just ignore her (LOL - she gets that little whine). When it warms up here I plan to bring Abby to my friends and she can play with their golden and Buddy can have some free time.

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    My sister's dog growls when she's trying to talk to someone. It sounds really fierce, but she's just as gentle as can be. She only growls at certain people and when she and I sit together, she growls at me and I growl back. When she's done growl talking, she walks away. She's really kind of a wierd dog.

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    Hannah likes to lord it over Tucker as well and I don't get too concerned about minor day to day communication of this sort but sometimes she gets carried away with her own *superiority* and starts to be a real bully. I have taken the tactic to correct this attitude with a scolding. It is quite necessary in our household because Tucker is very easy going and takes a LOT of guff, but if pushed beyond his limit he will resort to defending himself, and when he does, he is dead serious about it. I had a couple dog fights on my hands.
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    Our Murphy is a bit pushy and used to bark/growl at us for attention. Our trainer recommended either ignoring him or putting him in a "time out" (away from you in another room, or leashed up to a door or piece of furniture with a tie-down). Both techniques have worked REALLY well for us. The time-out isn't negative in the way that physical punishment is, but no dog wants to be separated from you. Now, if Murphy barks for attention, we simply say "Want a time-out?" and he stops!

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    Timber growls for attention too lol
    Leather always makes funny groans and moans and little squeaks and grumbles...she's hilarious...
    I wouldn't know what to tell you though, cuz I like the doggy noises lol
    I've been BOO'd!

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