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Thread: In memorial to jello

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    In memorial to jello

    poem in memory of jello My beloved 15 year old cat who went to heaven

    Jello sweet and mellow was my friend jello. I so wish my time with her on earth was not at a end. She was among my very best and truest friends. Jello was so sweet and kind her awesome personality blew my mind. Jello I miss you my precious little girl. Jello I hope to see you again in heaven one day may the lord give me strengh till that day

    I know have a beloved tangerine kity. She is adorable
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    Aww, that is so cute. I'm glad you got another kitty.

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    nice poem.

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    What a beautiful poem...Jello was surely a very beloved kitty and I know how much you must miss her and how much it hurts Thank you for opening up your heart and sharing your love for your beautiful friend with us. One day you and Jello WILL be together again. Maybe one day soon you will share pics of your little Tangerine kitty with us??{{{hugs}}}

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    So sorry hear about Jello! What a great Mommy you must have been!! And Tangerine is beautiful too and I know that Jello guided you to her. Would like to see a pic of Jello if you have one.

    Take care, love and prayers on the way
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