Hi everyone, I'm sure you guys must see this type of post all the time, but I really need some advice! I just adopted a 2.5 yr old chihuaha/terrier from the spca about a week ago. She's very shy and scared, and cowers on the floor when approached by strangers, but seems to have grown attached me. She always has to have me in sight when I'm at home, and barely tolerates my time in the bathroom with the door shut. But when I leave her alone in the apt, she chews up the carpet and the blinds which are against the front door. She did not destroy anything else, just the area around the front door. I put her in the kitchen, and she again only dug up the carpet near the entrance. And she also whines very very loudly! almost seconds after she thinks I've left. I will try to accustome her to my abscences by spending time pretending to leave and come home, but I'm worried how effective it will be since chihuahas are supposed to be a hard breed to train? I love her and she's adorable, but I live in an apt and her high pitched whining will eventually draw complaints!! I don't have the heart to punish her, and am fairly sure it won't work anyway. Please, any suggestion would be greatly appreciated! Thanks