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Thread: kid thread

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    I also agree with Cataholic's post & wondered some of the
    same things. I think it was just a misunderstanding on Prima's
    part of a FYI type of message from Karen. Believe me, Karen
    is anything but intimidating in her messages. Let's move on
    with the discussion of whether or not anyone has children.
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    happiness is a house full of cats
    yeah I agree.
    I don't have any.

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    So glad we all agree-
    You can read a thread if you want but if its doesn't intrest you or offends you then don't read it and if you happen to read it pretend you didn't

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    No kids. Not now anyway. I'm thinking I need at least two more years to myself and Sam.

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    Well, I replied to the other thread, but I'll reply again. I have one son, eleven years old. He certainly wasn't planned, but he certainly is wanted. I also knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I didn't ever want to have any more children after him. He's a lovely child: artistic, intelligent, funny and sweet. Beginning to get that pre-teen attitude a bit, thinking is Mr. TooCool, but that's normal, I suppose.
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    No kids WE got too old too fast...

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    Yes two daughters - both grown and flown - loved 'em to bits and still do!

    Soledad - I don't blame you and Sam for having some time to yourselves before you go down the 'children' road!! Enjoy just being the two of you - - - - while you can!

    Time spent with cats is never wasted

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    No kids, by choice

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    I have two grown children (aged 28 and almost 26) and now have known the joy of being a grandmom for the past 17 months. For me this was exactly what I wanted and planned for and I simply cannot imagine life without my children. I do realize that for others it is not, and I commend these people for not caving into the pressure from family and friends to do otherwise. And, Cataholic I think your answer was wonderful and speaks for me too! Well said!

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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Originally posted by Edwina's Secretary
    But here's my question...what with "Do you want to hold the baby?" Frankly, no.
    Here, here!

    I missed this whole thing until now, so I don't know what all the controversy is about, but I am CBC also.

    And the only other thing I'll say is not disciplining your child in public makes you look like a bad parent.

    Oh, and Richard - you're a riot!
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    Quote from RICHARD

    My parents let me pick my nose
    LOL I hope you don't mind me quoting that, but I found the wording very amusing. And no RICHARD, you are not dumb. I hope you don't take offense.

    And for the record, I have one kid, 26 years old who is a brain cancer survivor, and I'm damn proud of her!!!

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    No kids...but I want one. Maybe I can find a wholesaler someplace. As to kids, in general, I love them.

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    Said it once and I will say it again! I have a very beautiful baby blue eyed boy named Dylan John who is going to be 15 months old in a few days!!! Why can't they stay babies forever lol?

    He is just began to walk about a month ago and now he is all over the place and it is so much fun chasing eachother around the house. He has the cutest high pitched laugh lol.

    He was planned but it took me forever to get pregnant...and when we sort of forgot we were trying to have a baby, that's when I got pregnant lol! I remember when I took the test, we were so nervous. Dan would get sad everytime we took a test and it was negative so he started no watching and I would just come out and tell him I was sorry, but maybe next time around.

    This time I made him look at it...and I was pregnant!! We started crying and were so happy, although we didn't tell anyone for about 2 months. We still have our test too. When we found out Dan set it on top of the dresser so we could see it everyday.

    I remember when Dylan was born Dan was crying so bad lol. But of course Dylan came out blue too so a little crying was because of that as well. We were so happy......I taped my birth too.

    Note to all expecting mothers who plan on taping your birth: DO NOT watch the video lol!!!

    Dan kept fast forwarding me while I was pushing so you can see the oomps and ouchies on my face go by really about amusing eh?
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    Originally posted by Tubby & Peanut's Mom

    And the only other thing I'll say is not disciplining your child in public makes you look like a bad parent.

    Oh, and Richard - you're a riot!

    my mom used a modified 'VULCAN NERVE PINCH' on us..
    she'd bend over and take a small bit if flesh from the inside
    part of our arm and twist....all the while whispering, "behave or wait until we get home............."

    that's what turned me into the monster/riot i am today

    child abuse!!!! just kidding.....the part that KILLS ME is when i
    hear a parent say, 'I want them to have everything I didn't have when I was growing up......" CAT SPIT!!!!

    that just leads to Iwanna syndrome. 'i wanna playstation, i wanna
    pair of nikes, i wanna.........'

    my parents, to me......'go out and earn it..'

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    okay..I'll post again..

    I love kids...probably because they are not my own. Babies especially. Older kids start giving you attitude if mom or dad let them get away with it. Yes, that's right...LET them get away with it. I cannot stand a parent when talking about disciplining their child says "Well, he/she just doesn't listen to me." Excuse me, who is the parent? You don't need to beat your child in order to dicipline..but there are ways to make your child behave. My mother never hit me..not so much as a pat on the but...but all it took was one look from her and I knew I had to tow the line....or else.

    I don't have children now becasue at 23 I love my freedom and still feel I'm too young to take on that responsibility. And it is a great responsibility. I feel too many have a child without considering exactly what it entails. That little person depends entirely on you for their care and well being. If you have a child, you darn well better be able to care for him/her financially, physically, and emotionally.

    Joey would love to get married and have children now. For one, I say when we do eventually have children...let's see how badly we warp one, before we have any more....and two, I don't think he fully grasps what raising a child is like. My step-father was out to sea in the Navy when my little sis was a newborn. With my mother working and going to school, I helped with feedings, diaper changings, 2 am feedings, a screaming child that you can't do anything for because you have to realize sometimes babies cry and you just have to deal with it. It's going through those types of stressful moments that makes the smiles and love and laughter of a child all the more special and worth it.

    So for me not having a child is right for me right now. For some not having any at all is right for them. Whether or not you choose to have a child is your own personal decision and no one should judge you for it.

    Tiff and the ever expanding krewe
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