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Thread: kid thread

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    happiness is a house full of cats
    oh that is sooooo funny!!

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    Georgia, USA
    and we would ride our bikes around, and anyone who had the mailbox flag up, we would put it down and put other ones up that were down! oh what brats, I bet we really irritated the mailman
    *HA!! HA!! HA!!*
    That was funny!!

    I used to LOOOVE to go knocking on peoples doors and run away!!

    One halloween me and some friends were up late doing that... and you know the old trick where you would get a bag of dog poop and light it on fire ... then knock and run away ... and when the person opens the door they are supposed to stomp it out.... and they get poop on thier shoe... WELL...
    We wanted to do that so me and my friend went and scooped out our litterboxes and put the poop in a bag... we put it on our friend's porch and would barely get it to light and knock and run away.. by the time his dad answered the door the fire would be out...and he couldn't see it there cause it was dark.. we even went home and soaked the bag with hairspray and still could not get the bag to stay lit... so we never got that prank to work..OH WELL...

    Alden is here!!
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    happiness is a house full of cats
    Sara I remember my dad telling me he had done that poop bag trick as a kid!(now I know where i get my obnoxiousness hehe)
    too bad it didn't work for you, it is disappointing huh?
    I won't go into details but I will say that I was obnoxious well into my 20's!! you know, for fun!

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    Originally posted by Tubby & Peanut's Mom

    Trust me, start now. DO NOT wait until "he knows." Kids learn real quick even when they're babies, and the earlier you start the easier it will be all around.

    Ok, so I'm not a parent, but I've got nephews and a niece and I've seen the results of waiting. Not a pretty site.

    I was referring to temper tantrums. At this age it is best to NOT pay attention to them, because they get worse if you do that. He RARELY has temper tantrums, if we don't pay attention to themhe stops right away, if we make a fuss about them he will keep going. If he knows it doesn't effect us he won't do because he won't get anything out of it.

    I am not waiting until he knows, it is common sense that NOW of course I will still be teaching him what is appropriate and what is not. So I am not waiting, but there is no need for me to scream and yell at him, I believe there are other ways to discipline and so far myway is working nicely.
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