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Thread: Half Dog Half Cat!!!!!!

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    Half Dog Half Cat!!!!!!

    One of my cats is half dog!!!!
    1.She drinks water from the toilet.
    2.She fetches bouncy ball in her mouth.
    3.Follows mom around house.
    4.Likes smelling and eating garbage.

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    Does she bark?? (heehee)

    We had a cat in the hospital yesterday that came with a dog squeeky toy and a dog chew rope. I have never seen anyone buy dog toys for a cat. What kind of cat plays with a chew rope bigger than him?
    I love my furkid Neko!

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    First let me welcome you Siriz to Pet Talk. You're going to love it. Great bunch of people here.

    I had a cat name C-Fer who also did these kinds of things. In fact he would actually sit in front of the toilet if the lid was down and meow until we came and lifted the lid up so he could jump up and get his drink. He would also fetch things in his mouth, but he also would bring them back and drop it in front of you so that you picked it up and threw it again. MMMMMMM now that i think of it, maybe C-Fer was a dog in cat's clothing. After all he was 25 lbs.
    He's at Rainbow Bridge now probably still sitting in front of a toilet and fetching things. LOL. Love and miss you big guy.

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    Originally posted by neko1
    ...I have never seen anyone buy dog toys for a cat. ...
    Cassy's mellowed as he's aged, but during his kitten months I bought all sorts of things to keep him amused and keep his sharp kitten teeth occupied.

    Is he the only cat here who's eaten a barbequed pigs' ear (dog treat?) He still has a couple dog toys in the communal toy basket. You'll be relieved to hear, though, that he totally refused to play with his sissal rope toy (designed for dogs). I finally tossed it last week after it sat in the basket for over two years without ever being played with.

    (I'm not sure if he's hopeless, or I am, or if it's a draw...)

    Oh yeah, WELCOME TO PET TALK! Hope you'll like it here.
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    2 of my cats(Cupcake and Boo Boo) resemble dogs as they liked being walked on a leash, pick through garbage, and dig holes
    I have had Minnie since I was 4 years old!! I am 18 now, she is truly my best friend for life!! I also am a momma to 6 other beauties as well :-)

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    Cat Dogs are very common here! Welcome to Pet Talk home of the Cat Cat, the Cat Dog and the Cat Bird!

    Bastet is definately in the Cat Dog Category of felines. She fetches, digs holes and meows (howls) at the moon. I have trained her to sit and beg as well. She loves doggy treats - word of warning my vet says pigs ears are very bad for cats because of the salt and fat content.

    As far as the other two categories go - the Cat Cat is all cat - no incarnations of dog or bird in them and the Cat Bird gets along with other animals that are usually enemies of the cat or are typically lunch!

    Bastet looks like a cat - acts like a dog but will eat anything on sight!
    "A cat cannot see directly under its nose. This is why the cat cannot seem to find tidbits on the floor."

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    Chris, me newly adopted swirl tabby, has some dog features about his personality, including talking to me. He does all the things that Siriz speaks of, except going through the garbage.


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    She also attacks and chases my other cat.

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    Don't worry, your cat isn't having an identity crisis, it probably just likes doing that!!

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    I'm a cat-dog owner as well. Boo wags his tail, runs to greet us, fetches, drinks from the toilet and enjoys car rides.

    I think it's the best of both worlds, really.

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    WOW My bengals are just like that! Mystic has "played ball" since he was a kitten and is trained to sit, come, fetch etc. They drink out of the toilet and faucet, and also very much enjoy tummy rubs. Oh yes and they LOVE dog food! Silly kitties!
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