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Thread: Getting a Dog

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    Getting a Dog

    Well, I know I've posted here a couple of times before, always saying that Brian (my fiance) and I are gonna get a dog sometime in the future...Ya know, maybe I'm just overthinking it. I know in my heart we can support a dog or two (financially and emotionally), I think we should just get one right now, but he still wants to wait a bit longer.

    Anyhow, I have been reading up on dog training and dog behavior and whatnot in the meantime. I read "The Adoption Option" and "Metrodogs", both of which are very helpful.

    There's one topic they don't cover though. When is the right time to actually get the dog? I mean, Brian and I are getting married on March 3rd and we are gonna take a week off work and just stay home instead of going off on a honeymoon someplace. We were thinking of getting the dog that week while we are off work. Then one of my friends told me that it is best not to get a dog with that much time off, cause they get used to you being home all day and go nuts when you go back to work.

    Also, my family wants to throw us a party that Saturday after the wedding (justice of the peace is all we are doing). If we get the dog in the middle of the week, is it a bad idea to take it with us to my parents' house? It's a hour and a half drive. They have a big house and big backyard. There will be about 20 people there and my parents' have a sort of bratty 2 year old sheperd retreiver mix.

    Sorry this is so long, but I really would like to hear Pet Talker opinions on these two questions. After coming to this website daily since last summer, I trust everybody's opinions here more than some person who wrote a book.

    Thanks in advance for your help and hope ya'll are having a great day!!!

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    That might be the perfect time to get a dog, as long as it's not one with separation anxiety! What a nice way to celebrate your wedding - adding a new family member!

    Are you thinking of an adult dog or a puppy? Any breeds in mind, or just "the one who tugs at our hearts most?" It depends on the dog whether it would be a good idea to bring him or her to a big party, that's not really a call one could make this far ahead! Some dogs loooove lotsa people, and some dogs would be freaked out by it, it varies dog to dog.


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