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    Beautiful, beautiful Honey!! I am so THRILLED to be the first one to congratulate you this very special day. Your photo took my breath away. Besides being an incredibly gorgeous dog, you look so much like my husky/shep Cody I almost fell over! Except for the bicolor eyes; (how special!) If you click on you can see for yourself! We can realte so much to you sweet Honey. From your very loving personality, to your penchant for "escape!" Like your human, I can never stay at Cody for long! I can't believe you are 14! You look like a girl in the prime of her life. Undoubtedly kept youthful from all that devotion and love heaped upon you. Can I heap some more upon you?? I wish I could reach through the screen and hug and kiss you and tell you in person how special you are. Instead, I sadly will have to settle for letting you know how excited and thrilled I am to congratulate you on being honored as our very beautiful, beautiful most deserving Dog of the Day! But you are so much more. A lifetime companion, an anchor; you are all that and more! Rest easy, sweet girl. Now is your time to lay back and drink up all the praise and love your family has to heap upon you. What else can be said about the friend of a lifetime? Words are inadequate. Today is your day to sing to the world..."I am Honey, the Dog of a Lifetime!!" And I wish and pray that you and your adoring human share many, many more happy, peaceful days together. Honey, I JUST LOVE YOU!!!

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    Oh Honey!! What a perfect Dog of the Day you are! I have a Honey too, and you sound like you did just as many bad things in your childhood as she has done! Maybe you can be a role model for my 2 year old Honey!!!
    Congratulations on your very deserved honor!

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    What a beautiful story! I pray all the time that my 9 yr old Cody will be around so I see that it's possible! It's all that good loving and care! Honey is truly a Honey!!! I can understand how she can put a permanent smile on your face when all else fails! Thanks you for sharing your best friend with all of us! She truly deserves to be Dog of the Day, every day!

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    Honey, you are a beautiful senior! You don't look a day over 5 yrs. old!! Enjoy your Golden Years! Congrats to you!

    ***Save a life, ADOPT***

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    Honey, you are beautiful and you have a wonderful guardian. You remind me of my brother John's husky, "Max". He,too, was an escape artist. One time, Max, not only let himself out of the humane society "jail", but he let loose all the other dogs. What a jolly, good day!!! Actually "Max" saved my brothers life after his Vietnam tour in 1969.
    Max was only a puppy then & he & by brother would walk the snow swept hills day after day, clearing the pain of war & healing his spirit. What a great companion! Honey when your time comes Max will be waiting for you.
    He show you the way of "dog heaven" & you'll run, play, & cavort like a pup once again!!!

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    Oh Honey, what a precious family member you are! Many heartfelt congratulations on being dog of the day. It was easy to see how much your owner loves you and how proud of you he is. Many hugs and kisses to a well-deserved dog of the day

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    Honey, you are such a honey. So great that you and your people found each other and have had so many wonderful years together. Your sister Aurora looks just like my Evy, whom I actually named Honey 'cuz of her honey-colored fur (but her face is black).
    Continue to enjoy life & sniff those springtime breezes. Thanks for being who you are.

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    Honey, I couldn't let this day end without adding my heartiest congratulations on your high honor of achieving Dog of the Day. Your face is so sweet and I understand what your Dad means when he says he couldn't stay mad at you. It seems you have added much happiness and a bit of adventure to your family's life. Now it is time for them to treat you like the queen that you are, because afterall you are Honey, the sweetest Dog of them all.

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    How I enjoyed becoming acquainted with Honey! My Siberians are only a couple of years her junior and I was not aware that the typical lifespan of this breed is 12 or 13 years . . . gosh, that was quite a wake up call for me and brought a tear to my eye. I hope my old girls can beat the odds as lovely Honey has done. I, too, have had mine since they were pups and how well I can relate to that wanderlust! These dogs truly have minds of their own, but all is forgiven with one look into their white-blue eyes. May you and Honey share many more happy years together!

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