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Thread: Gorgeous Tiny

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    Gorgeous Tiny

    Wow, I've always been fascionated by iguanas and their way of living. Tiny sounds one in a million, and I bet that's what he is. I love that green colour of his and that's an excellent photo. Enjoy your day Tiny!


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    Hello Tiny, you are one good-looking iguana! You must be loved very much by your family for being there for them. That is great that you get along with other animals, and aren't as agressive as other iguanas. That's what makes you special. I hope you receive many special things on your special day! Congratulations on Pet of the Day!
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    sweet Tiny

    well Tiny I can see why your human friend is so proud of you! What a sweet little guy. Hope you enjoy your day as our special "Pet of the Day"!
    For Gus, my sweet cockatiel who sadly flew out of my life in 2000. You taught me how deeply I could love an animal. Thank you for teaching me how special and wonderful birds are!

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    Good Morning Tiny, my what a handsome fellow you are, I love that photo of you. From what I read you are a wonderful companion and very best friend. Congratulations dear, sweet Tiny Our Very Best Pet of the Day.
    Jackie, Miss Daisy and Perry

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    Hi there dear Tiny! What a handsome Iguana you are! Your coloring is spectacular! And what a great companion you are to your adoring person, showing her/him such comfort and compassion!! And I'm REALLY impressed to read you're leashed walked and litter box trained! That's fantastic!! It was a pleasure to meet you today, dear Tiny! Any creature that brings such joy to another living being is so deserving of our praise! Congratulations to you dear Tiny, our fantastic Pet of the Day!!

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