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Thread: Protective cats???

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    Protective cats???

    I had an experience with my Sonsy cat recently and I want to know if others have experienced this. Not too long ago I was helping a friend clip her cat's claws and the poor subject of our work put up an awful fuss. Sonsy heard the ruckus and thought that the claw-cat was trying to hurt me. Sonsy flew out of nowhere and slapped the claw-cat three times then hunkered down beside her and hissed like a cobra. She thought claw-cat was hurting me and she protected me! She was ready to do serious battle in defence of her Mom. Have you ever heard of such a thing??

    I know dogs are known for protecting their owners, but have any of you lucky servants of cats experienced this?

    So Humbled and Proud of My Baby Sonsy
    Who Protected Her Mama...


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    Yes, I know that cats can be protective! When I was sharing a house with friends, my cat Murf (RB) loved to hang out with the humans. My friends had a young baby, and we were all sitting in the family room - with the baby playing on a quilt on the floor and Murf sitting about 2 feet away. The baby's mom came in the room and swooped down to pick up the baby. Murf jumped at her, and hissed and swatted her. Then he stayed between her and the baby, his ears pinned back and his tail swishing.

    My friend had to approach Murf with a soothing voice and gentle hand reaching out. He calmed down when he recognized her voice and her smell - and in a couple minutes, he went off to find a snack...

    I was so proud of Murf - and glad that this story proves the old wives' tales about cats and babies to be wrong!
    "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" - Anatole France

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    Hello. My first post here and this thread caught my eye. I have a two year old tabby named "Veronica". Since she was just shy of a year old she would growl whenever someone knocked on my front door. A real deep kitty growl and ears flattened to her head (I call her the little flathead ) I do not know if she is scared or being protective of her brothers and sisters, or being protective of myself. It is funny though, other than that she is a purr box. I guess dogs aren't the only ones who dislike the mailman!!
    I have had Minnie since I was 4 years old!! I am 18 now, she is truly my best friend for life!! I also am a momma to 6 other beauties as well :-)

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