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Thread: Why Pets' Names?

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    Josie, I got her name originally from a book I read, I really couldn't think of any names for her and remembered the book and thought it would be a cute name for her :]

    Zeke. I watched the tv show "Tour of Duty" a lot before I got him, and I doubt anyone ever watched the show but theres a guy on it named Zeke and I thought it was the coolest name!

    My cat, Smitten. I have NO idea what made me name her that..I don't even like it that much, I've always wanted to name a cat Mittens for some reason, and I got smitten out of Mittens and some S name..To tell you the truth I didn't realize it ment anything at the time

    My babies: Josie, Zeke, Kiba, Shadow (AKA Butter)

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    I name my German Shepherd Pit Bull mix "Simba" because i loooooooooove The Lion King, my abosolute favorite movie. Little did we know, Simba no digs in the grass in the backyard for grubs!

    ~Kay, Athena, Ace, Kiara, Mufasa, & Alice!
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    Well this is intesting...

    When we got Misty she already came with a name and she knew her name so we decided to keep it!! She has a unusual marking on her belly;it is a capital T!! Then we put it all together Miss. T!! When someone called the rescue lady and told her she perosn must of said her name is Miss. T!!The rescue lady probably wote it down as Misty!! Very cool!!

    Misty loves you! Do you love misty?Awww, look at that cute face! Who can resist?

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    I love the names and the reasons behind them.

    Leiloo's (my labbie girl) name actually came from a bood I read many years ago. It means the "most perfect woman" And boy does she live up to that name Turns out that the movie The Fifth Element main character is named Leiloo (they may have changed the spelling though.)


    Pepper: neighbor came up with that name

    Bandit: he's black and white and steals stuff, especially plastic bags.

    Angel: my sister came up with that name. She was the runt in the litter and the vet didn't have much hopes for her surviving. My sister said she would survive because she had an angel watching over her. Most of the times she lives up to her name.

    Chinese water dragon:

    Jimmy, after my favorite singer Jimmy Buffett

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    My RB greyhound. Her name was Tara at the H.S. and there was a girl at work that I didn't get along with and didn't want that name!!! I liked the name Peta, which means golden eagle. But my sister said that it sounded like I would have named her after the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, so I didn't. I found the name CHEYENNE in a name book, and just changed the spelling.

    Was named when I got her. She was a year old when I got her and I just didn't change her name. I probably would have named her Polar (for polar bear since she is white), or Cirrhus (which is a form of a cloud).
    I had a whole list of names for her. And the night I brought her home, I was going thru the list of names. And when I got to Keegan, she looked at me. Sooooo I did it again, went thru the whole list of names. I did it I think 3 times and every time she looked at me. So I figured she picked out her name for me!!! But I wanted her to have a "fancy" name for her AKC paper's. Sooo her mom's name is Sweet Vidalia aka Sunny. And I used Sweet. And I used Shaianne in memory of her. And I used Grace in honor of my grandma, who adores Keegan and adored Shaianne.
    (She cried when I told her) So her AKC name is Sweet Shaianne's Grace aka Keegan.
    Keegan 9/28/2001 to June 9, 2012
    Kylie (June 2000 to 5/19/2012)
    "we as American's have forgotten we can agree to disagree"
    Kylie the Queen, Keegan the Princess, entertained by Kloe the court Jester
    Godspeed Phred and Gini you will be missed more than you ever know..

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    Sydney : his mom was called Darwin , so we took another Australian city we visited !

    Maya & Inka : 2 names of Indian tribes . First we had Maya , and because she had such a sweet look , we wanted a "sweet-sounding-name" for her ! Of course , we needed another indian name for lil Inka ..!

    Billie(rabbit) : My daughter choose this name because her teacher had a cat named like that !!

    Jasper(guinea pig) : the day we got Maya from the shelter , there was also a cat there named jasper ; we kind of liked the name !

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    hmmmm....two rats:
    pink cause she is a white rat with pink eyes

    chai cause we drink alot of chai tea

    we just got a brand new rat today, we cant think of a name for far she is "new baby"

    and we have an aquatic frog, started out as a creative "froggie" now its psycho killer...yes that is literal, he likes it to be his aquarium and his aquarium only...:P

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