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Thread: Presenting the newest member of the family: Pimenta

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    Aw shes beautiful! going to be giving Pantera competition on whos posing for the camera

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    fghoieks Guest
    So an important day in Pimenta's life is arriving: she did the exams at the vet yesterday and this friday, barring any surprises in the exam results (extremely unlikely), Pimenta will be spayed. She is now approx. seven months of age, and we wish to avoid waiting too long as we did with Pantera (seven months is a bit late as it is). Given her general health, she should go through this phase with little difficulty.

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    So now at approx. nine months Pimenta is starting to get a little meat on her bones, thanks to the daily training sessions by Pantera ( i.e. Pantera running her down and using Pimenta as a punching bag). The Problem? Along with the bit of muscle Pimenta is getting more than little cocky

    On some days even Pimenta runs out of gas

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    Aww, she's getting so big!
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    AWWWWwwwwww!!! Aren't they ever both adorable! And isn't Pimenta getting to be a big girl!

    Lovies to them both, from Galaxy and Sparkler and Pat.
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    They are beautiful cats!
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    Still can't files to attach, but there are workarounds. Here's some more pics.

    The part of Pimenta growing the fastest is her attitude

    It's difficult to get the two to appear together in a photo, but miracles do happen. Pimenta is almost as long and tall as Pantera, but is still barely half the size. Foreshortening is a beauty, Pimenta always looks bigger in photos

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    Excellent - we so understand the difficulty of getting two busy young cats in one photo! And yes, she is getting so big so quickly! Someone must be feeding her well!
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    lol, Pimenta eats anything and everything that isn't nailed down. In fact, that habit landed her with a case of worms (she's still being treated for that) but even that hasn't slowed her down. She's so different from Pantera, who by and large doesn't like human food, especially anything processed.


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