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Thread: training a shepherd

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    training a shepherd

    my german shepherd chases every car that passes and pulls on the leash so bad she almost pulls me onto the ground. she almost a year old. i got her a a christmas presant from a friend that had her chained up inher back yard. she has also been beat. what can i do to get her to stop pulling and stop chasing?
    i have lots of friends that are breeders. if you are in need of a puppy let me know.

    if you have a dog in need of a home let me know. i may take it.

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    As for chasing cars.......Don't let her RUN LOOSE! This is a very dangerous habit, she could end up being killed. Please keep her in your house or fenced yard at all times, and take her out on a leash.

    As for pulling on a leash.......there are several ways to fix this. What I would recommend is getting her enrolled in a basic obedience class. They teach you how to leash train the dog, along with many other things. I have a husky, and they are KNOWN for being horrible at pulling on a leash...after all, they *were* bred for pulling sleds..and he's not bad at all, as I had him in puppy kindergarten and have worked on leash training him.

    Another method that works GREAT for some, but not all dogs, is the halti. My friend has a german shorthair that is horrible at pulling, and it has worked wonders for her. The halti is around the head/muzzle so the dog can't may look mean, but it is not.

    I, personally, wouldn't recommend a chock collar as most people don't use them correctly, and the dogs just choke themselves...please try the halti first.

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