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Thread: Arghh - my new kitty water fountain is LOUD

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    Arghh - my new kitty water fountain is LOUD

    I got my gang one of those kitty water fountains that some of you have. When I first plugged it in on Christmas day, it was wonderfully quiet. Now, after I've tossed the box and receipt of course, the darn thing sounds like I'm living next to the Airport!

    Have any of you with these fountains had noise problems? If so, what did you do? I don't remember the name, but it looks like the one that Gabe of the SAS gang uses.


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    What is the brand name of your fountain ?

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    Thats such a cute idea!
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    Ours did the same thing...until we filled it all the way the actual area where they drink, not the bottle thing you fill up. The water has to completely cover the pump or you'll get that noise.
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    lut - I'm at work so I don't know the brand name right now

    noah's mommy - I didn't think about the water being low. I'll give that a try tonight when I get home - THANKS

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    I had the same experience as Noah's mom (and have the same fountain as SAS.) Fill the BASIN up and the noise should stop. It has to be quite full!

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    Thanks everyone - I knew I could count on you

    Joxer my water boy (and perhaps a distant cousin of today's COTD?. ) will be very happy - and so will I - because of the fountain, he's finally stopped drinking out of the toilet!

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    Ours started out quiet, now after a year it's all noisy.

    I used to just fill up the water level and that did the trick, but now I fear it's hopeless. I changed the filter and everything. I just unplug it and plug it in a few hours a day to circulate it. Now that my boys even drink out of it anyway...

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