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Thread: Terrific Teddi and Benji

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    Terrific Teddi and Benji

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    Congratulations on being Dogs of the Day.
    You will always be puppies who bring joy to their family.
    Celebrate your special day.

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    Adorable Teddi and Benji!!!

    Hi Teddi and Benji! Happy Dogs of the Day!

    What a double dose of doggie adorableness we are treated to today! You too are just too cute for words, and how precious you boys look, all decked out in your festive, holiday gear! Christmas 2018 may be long in the rear view mirror, but your mom/dad's loving words are proof that the comfort and joy you bring to your humans' lives is a 24/7, 365 days a year affair!

    Both of these boys bring sheer happiness into our lives and remind us with every wiggle and wag, every dropped toy or instant play bounce, that there is happiness and life after sorrow.

    My heart breaks for your family, having suffered far, far more than their share of tragic loss. But thankfully you, Benji, and not long after you, Teddi, came into their lives, helping to heal their broken hearts and wounded spirits, bringing so much comfort to their days. Animals have such an amazing ability to mend us with their unconditional love, to put smiles back on our faces with their antics and you two boys are living proof of that! Sounds like yet another case of mutual rescue to me! Endless thanks to your family for choosing rescue, giving two EXTRA special and most deserving pups a 2nd chance at happiness, two bonded brothers at that! And great thanks to RUFF as well, for all that they do, saving lives every day; helping to make love stories such as your and your family's a reality!

    Thanks for the BIG smiles, cutie pies! Meeting you today, reading your heartwarming, inspirational backstory and seeing your heart-melting photos has been a real treat! I hope you're enjoying a very special day of celebration...being loved and pampered to pieces, treated to all your hearts desires and more! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, adorable Teddi and Benji, our very special and most deserving Dogs of the Day, EVERY day!

    Beautiful boys!!!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Dearest Teddi and Benji, what sweet pups you are! (14 years old now, but you will always be puppies to your dear person!) You are both so pretty, such good-looking brothers. And it's so nice that you were both rescued by RUFF and then adopted by your dear person, though not at the same time. You came to her, first Teddi and then Benji, after times of great loss of beloved family members. My deepest sympathy to her and all her family for so many losses in such a short time. You have helped bring her comfort in her grief, and you represent family joy to her. You and she all love each other very much, don't you. What a wonderful love-filled home you share!

    Congratulations, darling Teddi and Benji, on being chosen today's Dogs of the Day! We hope you and your dear person and all your family and friends are enjoying a fine celebration, full of fun and lovies and all your favorite games and treats.

    I meant," said Ipslore bitterly, "what is there in this world that truly makes living worthwhile?"
    Death thought about it.
    CATS, he said eventually. CATS ARE NICE.

    -- Terry Pratchett (19482015), Sourcery

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    Terrific Teddi and Benji were adopted at an important time in their owners lives.
    Congratulations on being Dog of the Day!

    All things work together for good to them that love God.
    (Romans 8:28)

    I've been defrosted-- Thanks, Sana


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