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Thread: Lady went Crazy!

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    Lady went Crazy!

    I did not actual witness this event, so I'm telling it as my friend told me.

    My friend, Melissa, has a 9 month old female german shorthair named Lady. Lady is what you think of as a "big, dumb, friendly hunting dog." lol. She loves everyone, and has never shown any sort of aggressive behavior.

    Melissa's brother, Craig (around 22 years old), thinks Lady is his dog, and he is not very nice to her. However, she's never acted too strange around him...mostly just avoiding him a bit, but she's always come right up to him if he had treats. Actually, I was over there on Christmas Day...Craig was giving her treats and she acted just fine with him.

    Well, on Friday...something very *strange* happened. Melissa had Lady on her tie-out, and was in her dog run cleaning it out. Craig came outside. He wasn't dressed strange, he wasn't holding anything, and he did not act any different then he usually does. Lady saw him, and just went CRAZY! She started barking madly, and ran up towards Melissa. Melissa thought she was just protecting her property (dog run)...and she *was* protecting her property..Melissa. Lady continued to bark madly at Craig, and if Melissa went closer to him, Lady was pushing her back.

    Lady didn't show any sort of aggression toward Melissa...Melissa was petting and holding her, trying to calm her down. Lady would NOT take her eyes off Craig, and continued to bark at him. If Craig came any closer, she'd bare her teeth. When he started to walk over to them, Lady just took off after him, and almost grabbed onto his shirt (luckily she was tied up).

    Craig ended up leaving. Lady acted perfectly normal after he was gone...just wanted to play and seemed as if nothing had happened.

    Melissa and I both thing Craig did something to Lady, but we don't know what. She doesn't appear to be harmed. He won't admit to anything. I don't think Lady would act like that for no reason! What do you think?

    We can't tell her parents, as her parents not being animal lovers....would assume Lady is mean, and would probably make Melissa get rid of her. Craig hasn't been out to see Lady since, and I'm not sure I want to know what will happen if he does...

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    Oh wow.. That's a bit odd.. but well, I wouldn't neccesarily blame it on the dog.. look what her brother did to Lady.. well, this is what he gets in return..
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    Very interesting....I really don't now if Craig had the intention of doing anything wrong, but maybe Lady *knew* something that we didn't. Oh, Melissa has a lock on both the dog run and the box with her supplies in it. Problem is...when there's Craig..there's a way. He broke her first lock, she just bought new ones. I think he's still been getting her out though somehow...possibly by lifting the entire dog run up.

    All of the leashes/supplies are locked up except one.......a chain one. It's her dad's for his dogs. I just hope Craig didn't decided to take her for a walk with that then get mad at her.

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    Poor lady

    Poor dog, I dont blame her one bit.

    Dogs are very sensitive and really need their packs.
    When they sense that someone is wrong in their pack they get upset.

    My dog like Lady is a big silly bozo total pacifist.

    My wife is now pregnant and the dog knows.

    If I go to tickle or mock fight her Gully will wedge between us and push me away. She doesn't snalr, nip or growl she just gets really
    worried looking and between us.

    She never used to, just joined in on the horseplay.
    I can still horse around with the dog - she loves it! Just not make any sudden moves around my wife.

    Its really sweet and I reassured her with a long tummy massage.

    too bad your friend can not move out with her pet

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